Draft Day and Cupcakes!

This years fantasy draft day has come upon us! So the three of us packed up and trekked over to meet everyone for the live draft. We have to try our hardest to get everywhere a little bit earlier with the little one now. That way we can change any necessary diapers, have a pop-up play session, or feed him (or ourselves) with a little time to spare before everyone arrives. This gets us a bit ahead of the game for occasions like this. This time I was able to devour a veggie burger before plugging in and trying to do some really quick research on what players where even relevant this year.

Our miniature drafter has been obsessing with anything screen lately.  So he was super excited to be allowed to sit on daddy’s lap and help him pick the best people for his lineup.

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Another reason I wanted to get there early was to set out a little treat. I wanted to make a little something for all the players in the league so they had something to snack on during the draft, and maybe also persuade them to not pick the players I wanted ;).  Which actually worked out in my favor! After I threatened to smash the cupcakes in a couple of peoples faces….


I had so much fun making and decorating these cupcakes. Which actually have a bonus snack in it since the football on top is a small sugar cookie! If your looking for a fun snack to take to draft party or any football game then below is how I made mine.


First thing I did was make the sugar cookies. You can use any recipe you like. My recipe asks for the dough to be refrigerated for at least 2 hours but I like to leave it there over night. When I have more time I freeze it over night instead and then let it thaw out.

I couldn’t find a cookie cutter in my bin that was the right size for what I wanted. So after kneading the dough to soften it I rolled it out and used a knife to cut out the football shape. Since sugar cookies don’t change shape much when they cook you can cut out exactly what you are looking for. You can see in the picture the size I cut out compared to the cupcake next to it.

To icing them I used a recipe from allrecipes.com, and I LOVED it. It dried hard but shiny and was super easy to work with. I chose to use vanilla extract instead of the almond extract that it asked for (I can’t think about almond extract after the macaroon binge I went on awhile ago) and since I don’t drink cows milk I used almond milk and it worked perfectly. I went and got a brown gel food coloring to get the color of the football just right. The icing made enough to ice the 18 cookies that I had and I put a bit of uncolored icing to the side to save for making the top lines. You do want to use this icing up fast though, it can start to get hard after awhile if one color is left in the bowl while you use another. So my tip would be to make it as you need it.


After I made the cookie dough and let it rest I started to bake the cupcakes. I just used a box mix and followed the directions according to that.


Let the cupcakes cool. Once they are completely done cooling. Seriously completely. I can’t tell you how many times I have put frosting on warm cupcakes only for it to melt off. It took me about ten times of doing this to finally learn the hard way. Once they are cooled you can start to put the frosting on. You can use your favorite frosting recipe. I used green gel coloring and a Wilton No. 233 Multi-Opening decorating tip to get the grass look. If I were making them again I would add more powdered sugar and try for a stiffer frosting so that the grass held better. When making the lines on the top I would recommend using the icing from the cookies. It was thinner and easier to work with compared to the cupcake frosting (for me at least) and it dried very fast.


The last thing I wanted to add was a little message for everyone in the draft. I created and printed a 3in by .5in piece of paper with my message on it. Then I folded it around a beverage straw that was cut in half (I was out of toothpicks) and glue sticked it together. I popped it in the cupcake and wha-la! You have some draft day cupcakes! Or change the message and you have any kind of football cupcake. I even replaced the football cookie in one of the cupcakes with a trophy for last years league winner!

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