Baby-Led Weaning: Breakfast foods

We love breakfast for dinner, and for lunch, and I suppose for breakfast  :).

So I of course wanted to share this love with Jax by making this week all about celebrating breakfast.

We added fruit and yogurt to our meals to offer him some different flavors, textures, and a little more nutrients. I started giving him the fruit first after awhile so that I knew he was eating some. I didn’t want his belly to fill up on bread, which I felt could have happened at times. As the weeks have gone on I have learned to try to give him the most nutritious foods first and then follow with the breads or starches.

Now for the stars of the show and our breakfast favs.



I probably had way too much fun making these mini pancakes for breakfast, but they were received with tons of excitement! So it was worth it.

I made a ton of these at once and then refrigerated them and heated them up when we wanted some. I was surprised at how well they actually heated up. These were so easy to eat because of how soft they were and he had no problem holding onto them. I cooked them a little longer then I would ours so they would be tougher on the outside and hold together for him. It worked out perfect and he was able to bite some off as he wanted. It even made it so there was less of a mess for us!

We have not used syrup on these cakes, or any of the other breakfast foods yet. I don’t think I could handle that mess. I also doubt it is very good for him. Plus, we gotta save some goodies for later, right?


2015-10-18 08.16.32

To cook these I cracked them into the pan and broke up the yokes a little bit. I let them cook like I was cooking an omelet and didn’t move them around or scramble them too much. I flipped them to cook the other side and then sliced them into easy to handle pieces. We tried just regular scrambled eggs and it was soooooo much more of a mess and much more difficult for him to grab and eat. This way of cooking them made it a better experience for everyone.

These were surprisingly not a big hit. I have given him eggs multiple times because they are good source of protein and I wanted them to be something he liked. Time and time again though he just reaches back and throws them off his plate, or drops them to the dogs. He will eat a little bit (almost to appease me, lol), but not nearly as much as other foods.


2015-10-21 11.20.10

Just like the pancakes, after cutting them into fours these made the perfect mini breakfast snack. He was able to grip them easily and munch little pieces off. He really enjoyed feeling the texture of the waffles with his hands and gums. After toasting these waffles they were still very soft on the inside so we never had to worry about many crumbs breaking off. After eating them a couple of times I now just toast halves and give them to him instead of quarters. It is just as easy for him to to eat and he will finish all of it every time.


You can’t have eggs without toast right? I gave him half a piece of toast with a little butter on it to soften the top and it got devoured. I was actually worried about toast because of the little crumbs. I was concerned about him getting some crumbs in his throat and feeling scratchy or choking a little bit. He never had a problem though. I was very cautious to not over toast it and Jax gums it for awhile before swallowing anything. So by the time he ate it it was just soggy bread.


2015-10-23 12.19.28

We love bagels. This could also be because I put a tiny bit of cream cheese along the top of them after they were done toasting. I cute them into fours like the waffles and they became the perfect size for little hands. Bagels get so soft when they are cooked and adding the cream cheese actually made them a bit softer. These were more difficult to get a bite off of but Jax still had no problem eating them. He would hold it and suck on it until he got a little piece. Because there isn’t really a crispy part (depending on how long you toast them) these make for easy clean up. I had to keep an eye him while eating these because every once in awhile he would try to shove the whole thing in his mouth. This was because of the trouble he had biting off of a piece. I think the next time we eat these I may cut them smaller. Although he never had a problem eating them like that, It still may be easier for him that way.

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