A warm hat for those cold days.

A warm hat for those cold days

Fall is here and so are the adorable cardigans, warm boots, and cute scarfs that come with it! All of these coming together for the perfect fall outfit during the holidays, but what mini-man ensemble would be complete without a saggy hipster beanie?

Answer? None. In my opinion, hipster clothes were created for children. No one can pull off skinny jeans like a 4 year old.

I have had a hat for my son in my crosshairs for a long time now, waiting for that perfect mixture of  age and temperature. I have also been fiddling with creating a hat pattern that is done in the seed stitch that I love so much. Alas, it is done. Turning out pretty damn cute if I do say so myself!


The Pattern
I used a medium weight yarn like heartland from lion brand, this colored is called great smokey mountains 
Using size 4us 16in circular needles cast on 72 stitches, then join in the round and place a marker to show the beginning of the row
rows 1-6  –  *k2, p2* repeat until end of row
continue in seed stitch for the next 7 inches
odd numbered rows – k1,p1*
even numbered rows – p1,k1*
decreasing for the crown
row 1 – k2tg, 17 k2tg, p2tg, 17, p2tg, k2tg, 17, k2tg (57st remaining)
row 2 – p, k, * p
row 3 – p2tg, 15, p2tg, k2tg, 15, k2tg, p2tg, 15, p2tg (51st)
row 4 – k, p, * k
row 5 – k2tg, 13, k2tg, p2tg, 13, p2tg, k2tg, 13, k2tg (45st)
row 6 – p, k, * p
row 7 – p2tg, 11, p2tg, k2tg, 11, k2tg, p2tg, 11, p2tg (39st)
row 8 – k, p, * k
row 9 – k2tg, 9, k2tg, p2tg, 9, p2tg, k2tg, 9, k2tg (33st)
row 10 – p, k, * p
row 11 – p2tg, 7, p2tg, k2tg, 7, k2tg, p2tg, 7, p2tg (27st)
row 12 – k, p, * k
row 13 – k2tg, 5, k2tg, p2tg, 5, p2tg, k2tg, 5, k2tg (21st)
row 14 – p, k, * p
row 15 – p2tg, 3, p2tg, k2tg, 3, k2tg, p2tg, 3, p2g (15st)
row 16 – k, p, * k
row 17 – k2tg, 1, k2tg, p2tg, 1, p2tg, k2tg, 1, k2g (9st)
close hat cut yarn and weave your ends!

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