Moving3The storm has finally passed. If storm is the right word for the last month. It has definitely felt like I have been spinning in a tornado and I sure don’t feel like I’m in Kansas anymore. So today I have decided that I am finally taking a “day off” from unpacking and decided that I would just relax on the couch the ENTIRE afternoon. My belly is growing big and along with it my energy is shrinking. So while the hubby is away on a bachelor weekend and Jax is snoozing upstairs I am eating leftover cheese from last nights shower and looking at packed up boxes with no remorse. The days have been long as of late and there is no better time for some “me time”.

The past few weeks have been nothing short of crazy, but wonderful all the same. When it comes to change we have hit the trifecta. We moved into our new house just over two weeks ago, I found out I was pregnant with our second little nugget right after we sold our old home a couple of months ago, and my husband’s company took on a very large ownership change keeping him very busy throughout it all. All in all, change seems like a small word for what has been going on within our family. Everything is headed in a great direction, and one that I never could have dreamed of, but that hasn’t made all of these changes easy. It has been a long and busy road, and one that I am happy is finally coming to an end. It will be a summer to remember for sure and I know we will look back one day and the silly “struggles” that seemed so big at the time will make us laugh. But I am just not there yet…

As I chase a toddler around while simultaneously trying to unpack boxes, clean the house and be slightly organized about all of it, I can’t help but to miss the already lived in feeling of our old home. My husband would just about murder me for saying that and I don’t mean it with regret. There is just something about a place you have so many memories in. Where Christmas’ were shared, engagements were had, babies were born, and monumental parts of your life had taken place. I have never felt nostalgia like I have with this move. And for now I think I’ll blame it on the hormones. Because I know that that feeling will pass, and as I finish everything up and make this house a home those feelings will make the move with me. We will develop amazing memories and my children will grow into adults in this home. There is nothing more special than that. So for now I am continuously reminding myself to settle down and enjoy every little part of the process for fear the whole thing will whirl past and I won’t even know what happened. There is no sense living in the past anyway right?

Plus, things are already settling down now that we are two weeks into the move and the whirl wind has slowed down, allowing us to get back into a routine. Rooms are slowly getting unpacked and two pictures are hung on the wall, yes two! Haha. That doesn’t sound like much, but it sure feels like an accomplishment over here. And one of the happiest things to happen? We got internet a couple of days ago! It may seem like a small win, but when your husband is working long hours and has to do it at the office instead of at home it feels like Christmas when your finally connected to the world again. So while I have enjoyed my break from reality, it feels good to be back online, back to work and back to writing. Not to mention, I have about a gazillion projects swirling in my head just waiting to be made. I am sure the hubby will be thrilled to take on a second job as a handy man, carpenter, painter, and who knows what else once his full-time one starts to slow down…


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