Breakfast for dinner.

Last week I posted a picture of our (should-a-been-dessert) breakfast for dinner.  We definitely ended up needing real food after eating it but it turned out so good and I wanted to share the recipes I used here with you!

I am not going to lie to you guys, the pancakes are from a box.  I generally try my hardest to make most of the things we eat around here from scratch, but pancakes just aren’t one of those things.  I made roughly eight of the same sized cakes, although that may have even been too high.  I guess it depends on how big you really want to go.

Every friday we make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  Unfortunately I had skipped the last few weeks because we were just always on the go.  To make up for it I wanted to take our pancakes to the next level.  There were still chocolate chips sprinkled on top, but the star of the show was the cream cheese filling (recipe here).

I put a little bit of the filling in between each pancake as I stacked them.  When they started to lean over is when I took the hint that it was probably tall enough.

Once the cakes were all stacked up I poured some fresh-cut strawberries that I had cooked down over top of them.  You could also just put the cut up fruit on top without cooking them down.  I’m a big fan of warm fruit compote so I had to go that route for these.  To make it, cut up your strawberries and put them in a pan.  Pour some juice or water over top of them so they are only partially covered and bring them to a simmer.  As they cook sprinkle sugar over top and mix it in until you get the flavor you want.  I only partially cooked down the strawberries so that I would still have some fairly large chunks.

Pour that all over your cake stack.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar (and maybe some chocolate chips) and your all done!  Just make sure you also have some real food…. This is definitely more dessert than dinner!