Our playroom makeover

Ever since we built our home years ago and added this room to the floor plan it has held a special place in my heart.  It was always the room I wanted to finish first and the one I KNEW would be constantly changing as the years went by and the kids got older.  The playroom, or bonus room, or whatever we choose to call it at the time is a room I am hoping to always keep as a special common place for all three (three!!) of my kids.  The fact that it is a shared space for them all is something that I love.

It is a space that is no ones, but is everyone’s.

It also helps to keep their rooms more focused on relaxation and their own personal interests.  Our big thing in this house is that everyone is allowed to have special things that are important to them and they don’t want to share, but they have to stay in their room and can’t come out when friends are over.  So their bedrooms are their sanctuary while the playroom is an area for everyone to come together.

The plans on this room have been a couple of years in the making, and have also changed every few months… haha.  I did mention that the room would be ever-changing!  So instead of waiting for my plans to change yet again I think Justin had had enough of listening to me and finally just decided to get it done (did I mention he did ALL the work himself?! I don’t think I could be anymore lucky than to have a person who can make my crazy dreams come to life).  The excitement of our third baby on the way has also helped us to move along too!

Our goals for the space were to offer multiple “areas of play”.  We wanted an area by the bookshelf that was comfy and cozy for them to snuggle up and read by (and yea, there is a TV too.  We are big on movie nights!).  Both Jaxon and Lu love pretend play so building a little house was a must.  Whether there’s a kitchen in it like there is now, or maybe down the road a little table, doll area, or couch, it will always still be fun to play pretend in their “home”.

The rock wall was probably the first thing we ever built in the entire house, and we haven’t spent a day regretting it.  Kids AND adults are always on that thing at parties (and let me tell you, it’s WAY harder than you think).  Just like the bookshelf area, we added a nugget for safe landing. It was a massive bonus that we were lucky enough to score a giant dry erase board for drawing and creating to put in that little corner as well.  Which makes that area Jaxon’s favorite for sure!

The last area we added is a little dress up/puppet show area in the closet and its door frame.  They can dress up or put on a show for each other!

Every space is special to us and created just for our kid’s loves and interests.  So we hope you love this space as much as we do and hope it can inspire you!

Check out all the pics below!