Hang in there christmas card.

ChristmasCard2016Every year I shock myself by mailing out our Christmas cards. I NEVER remember until the last-minute and once I do remember then I have to actually figure out a design, print them, cut them, and address the envelopes. Oh, the envelopes. Luckily I made a deal with my hubby this year that if I made the cards he had to write out the envelopes. It’s a win for me, the family receiving them and a win for the mail man too cause my handwriting is nearly unlegible.

I was actually on track to get them finished early this year and had what I thought was a pretty cute concept. I showed Justin only to get an “eh, it’s okay, why aren’t we in it though?”. I had thought I was done. It was a cute watercolor of a VW van carrying presents and adorning a wreath. But, I did kind of see his point and after spending ALL day Saturday designing and redesigning I am actually super happy with how they came out. In the end he was right regardless of my willingness to totally admit it to him.

It’s amazing how good it feels once they get mailed out, especially when you weren’t sure about doing it in the first place. It is like a huge weight off your shoulders and it feels even better to know that we got to say happy holidays to all of our family and friends, even the ones we may not see this year. Which could end up being a lot. We decided this year that we would spend the holidays in and not spend them running from house to house. So we won’t see everyone in the family like we normally do, but we will get to spend even more time with each other and really relish in the holiday. I am excited to wake up Christmas morning, open presents, and play all day. Watch movies and take naps. Sip on hot chocolate! I am even pre-making ALL of our food (and some cocktails/mocktails) for us and any visitors that may come to join in. This way whenever we get hungry we can just pop something in the oven and wait for the ding. I couldn’t plan anymore for an even lazier, wonderful day. My only job? To make sure my son has the perfect holiday.

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