Casino and wine bachelorette invite.

Casino&WineBachInvite2Aside from being busy with all of our moves (43 days until the house is finished!!), it’s also wedding season! So I have been pretty busy designing, cutting, printing, etc non stop. Which is pretty interesting in our current conditions. Since we are only in our apartment for six weeks we decided that we weren’t going to set anything up. We have a mattress, a couch, and our clothes are “neatly” folded in bins. All of this in one room. Since there is no AC in our apartment we thought it would be best to consolidate everything we have in-between two fans. So far it has been working out okay, but when it comes to invitations it means that everything is on the floor. My printer, my paper, and my cutting board is all done floor level. Right were my 15 month old can really keep an eye on me and also try to examine and inspect every invitation I make with usually sticky fingers. But it’s only temporary, right?! At least this is what I repeat to myself, over, and over, and over again. haha.

I say this all the time, but every year I get the coolest brides and best opportunities to really have fun with my work. I was thrilled when I was asked to do a wine and casino night invitation and that they had nothing particular in mind for it. Sometimes being told that they have nothing in mind can be daunting, but this concept was too much fun to stare at a blank screen for long. I sat down, turned a fan my way, and opened my lap top. I had such a good time working on it I hardly thought of the heat. Casino & Wine Bachelorette InvitationCasino & Wine Bachelorette Invitation