Matching family outfits: Pat Pat

I’m a sucker for some matching family outfits and if you checked out my Insta than you probably saw one of my most recent posts with the kids and I in our matching black and white striped pants.

We got the change to work with Pat Pat and try out some of their matching sets and let me tell you, there are a lot!  From matching leggings like ours, to mother daughter dresses, to (what I’m eyeing right now…) Halloween jams!!  It is such a fun site to scroll if you are looking for something matchy matchy with the fam!

Check out the links of what we tried below and go to Pat Pat yourself to see some great matching gear!  Don’t forget to use loveblog12 for 12% off your order!

Matching Leggings:
Rainbow Long-sleeve Tee:
Dino Jacket: