Making my own ring sling.

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So I love my Solly wrap and have used it religiously, but as Jax get’s older it is just not cutting it anymore. He is now 20 pounds and constantly wants to be able to move and look around, which makes the Solly difficult to use. For the first 6 months It was by far my favorite wrap I ever wore (and I tried MANY). He tended to get pretty upset at times and that wrap was the only thing that would calm him down. I still love being able to wear him and wanted to find another wrap that may work better for us now.

I wanted something simple to put on and pull him in and out of quickly while running multiple errands. After looking around at wraps the Ring Sling looked like the perfect option. Have you seen their prices though?! Yikes. umm no. I decided to attempt to make my own, and to be honest, it was really simple. I spent more time playing with how I wanted the folds then actually sewing or ironing. I was shocked myself.

Most of your money is in the fabric, depending on what you are looking for. This site has a lot of great information on what fabrics are best. You also have to order in the rings for the wrap. I ordered my rings from All in all I think I invested roughly 27 dollars. I am sure that the coupon savvy Joanne goer could do this much cheaper. The rings only cost 7 dollars. However, no matter how many coupons I stack and percentages I get off I still never feel like I win. Regardless, here we are at Joannes, browsing the fabric yet again.

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This little man wanted to go with some sort of velvety textured drapery, but I vetoed him and decided to go with a linen (he will thank me later). I wanted something strong with only a little bit of stretch for comfort. I got two yards, but you can go longer, this will depend on how long you want your tail. I tuck mine in so I didn’t want a very long one. It is definitely nice to have something dangling to use to wipe up any spit up or other messes that may happen though.

The great thing about these wraps is there is no measuring or cutting that need to happen. If you have a fabric that won’t fray on the ends you don’t even have to hem the sides! However, I personally need a clean edge.

If you’re like me and also need a clean edge then the first thing you want to do is measure one inch from the edge all around the inside of the fabric with a fabric marker. Fold each edge half way to that mark, and then fold it again to reach the mark. Iron or pin these folds down to hold their place. You want to do both long sides first and then fold the shorter sides (One of the short sides will only need to be folded in once and then ironed or pinned). This will place the shorter sides on the top and make all of the corners match after they are sewed.

I love to iron everything because with some fabrics, this one included, it held so well that I didn’t need to use one pin before sewing! That makes for a lot less pricked fingers for me.

2015-08-13 16.28.37

Once everything is ironed you will sew along three edges. Both long sides, and one of the short sides. The remaining short side, the one that was only folded in once, will be sewn around the rings.

2015-08-17 10.58.522015-08-17 10.58.472015-10-21 11.05.53

After all three sides have been sewed find a nice big place to lay your fabric out on. Find the middle length wise and mark it. Then find the middle from the center line to both of the edges and mark those. This will give you three lines going down your fabric which mark it into quarters. Grab the two outside lines and bring them to the center line. Iron the folds. Then take your outside edges and fold them to the center, folding them in half. Iron those folds. Your finished folds should like the pictures below.

WrapDiagram2015-08-17 10.51.162015-08-17 10.51.05

Make sure all of your folds are ironed or pinned so they are in place. Find the shorter side that hasn’t been sewn and place your rings through it.

2015-08-17 11.11.06

I pulled 6 inches of fabric through the rings, enough to be able to spread it out and pin it to the other side of the fabric. If you don’t pull out enough then it will stay bunched up and be difficult to sew. The more fabric you pull through, the easier to sew it. 6 inches worked out well for me. Different fabrics may change the amount you need to pull through.

Once your fabric is pulled through, line it up and pin it to the other side of the fabric. It will make a half moon shape from the tension of the rings. Make this as symmetrical as possible. Once your pins are in place sew along the edge of the top fabric with a zig zag stitch. The only setting I changed on my machine was switching it over from the line to the zig zag stitch. I went over this twice just to be cautious since it will be holding all of the weight. I have had mine now for a couple months and I regularly check it for any fraying or loose stitching. So far it is holding up perfectly, and I use it often!

2015-08-17 11.40.57

Thats all there is! Pretty painless really! Then you have a beautiful wrap for you and your baby! You can see how much Jax loves his. It still puts him to sleep almost every time he is in it.

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