My top 12 photos picked for our Alumitiles

For those of you curious of the top 12 photos I painstakingly picked out of thousands upon thousand of shots, hereeeee theyyyy areee!

I was SO excited to work with Alumitiles to pick out photos for a gallery wall in my living room, but I seriously underestimated how hard deciding on them would be!  There were some classics that I knew I would pick and others that I had totally forgotten about.  All I knew was that I wanted the photos to be of just the kids, some together, and some alone.

If you haven’t checked these 10in aluminum photo tiles out yet, I would highly recommend them.  Aside from a little measuring to make sure everything lined up perfectly they were the easiest things I’ve ever hung!  No nails, just a peel and stick backing that goes on easy and is easy to adjust to get it right!

I love them!  And I loved the worm hole of memories I got to relive as I searched for all these photos.