Oversized advent calendar DIY


I have finally made it Christmas countdown calendar! I mean, It’s only been over a year that I’ve been planning on it. I even got half way through making one last year and then decided on redoing it and doing it entirely different… It’s not like it has been difficult to complete, but for some reason I have struggled with time to actually get it totally complete. And with literally no time to spare, here it is! Oops. I definitely intended on having it up earlier and for once not rushing around to finish everything up. But that just didn’t pan out. Most of my time was in the sewing and painting of each pocket which was a bit time-consuming. But I can tell that it will endure lots of family use, kid fingers and love. Plus the big pockets give me a lot of versatility in years to come. Depending on what I want to do each year, this calendar can pretty much accommodate anything. Which is good for me cause I am always changing my mind and switching things up.

I think my favorite part about the calendar is that because of its size the kids can be completely immersed in it. Jax is already looking up at it wondering what in the world it is. He is still a little young to completely understand but next year it will be perfect.

Just like every other year I rush around every November obsessively trying to get everything done so that all of December can be celebrated. The holidays are some of the most beautiful and happy times and I will do pretty much anything to avoid adding stress to the season. Even if it means stressing myself out like crazy in November. Which makes me so excited for this calendar. It helps me celebrate each day in december with something that is fun, family oriented, and seasonal. So each day the kids (and us) can be reminded of what the season means to us.

It’s actually scary how excited I am for December to come tomorrow and to get this thing started. I am even cleaning the house spotless so I don’t have to think about it later, does anyone else do that? haha.


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