A family of dummies.


Halloween came so fast this year! I could hardly believe it when my husband told me it was only a couple of days away. Every year I swear life goes by faster and faster!

After toying with a few costume ideas we decided we needed something that would fit with daddy holding him as we walked around the neighborhood together. What better then a ventriloquist dummy? It even had an extra bonus of being a little creepy. Tis the season!

_DSC0018 _DSC0019

I didn’t think about the difficulty of putting make up on an 8 month old until T-minus 2 hours until trick or treat. After trying and trying with no help from the little guy I finally gave up on trying to apply it while he was awake. I waited until he took his afternoon nap and then channeled my college frat guy. It felt so wrong drawing all over his little face, but the results were priceless!

He thought it was hilarious, he laughed every time he looked at me and every time he looked into the mirror. Which I was thankful for. With mommy all done up in creepy makeup and daddy having shaved his beard of for no shave November I was a little worried he may get freaked out that we didn’t look the same.

Although I slightly resemble more of a vampire by the end It was by far the best halloween yet. Kids really do make holidays more fun, I love getting into the festivities again. In fact, I am already planning next year….