Baby-Led Weaning: week 9

Plate sharing has definitely been a fun experience. I think it is easier then making him his own plate for sure, but it definitely has it’s difficulties. It has been easier in that I am not precooking certain foods, but more difficult in making sure that the seasoning habits I have formed over the years in our favorite dishes are changed. No more spice, and not much salt. Things like putting red pepper flakes on our spaghetti can’t happen until the food is dispersed.

Aside from breaking a little muscle memory and natural habits things went incredibly smooth. It was fun to share our favorite foods, and introduce him to new things.

His phase of wanting to be fed has thankfully passed. There are still times when he likes to be fed, but the lunch time tantrums left as fast they had come. For the most part if we could sidetrack him with something on his plate and remind him it was time to eat he would be okay, but there were times after we had finished eating that I still had to feed him. With this being a crucial weaning point I wanted to make sure that he was always getting his solids. I have had days were he didn’t eat a lot and then got fussy and insisted on the boob. This is okay for me every once in awhile, welcomed even because I enjoy that time with him, but I don’t want to back track or lose site of the objective. I worry that if we went backwards now that he would begin to lose interest in food all together.

I know I shouldn’t worry about that with the way this kid eats though!2015-11-17 12.56.51

One of the meals Jax sat in on us with was spaghetti. I mean, we had to get the famous spaghetti shot right?

We had to just write this mess off as a loss from the start and laugh through it. He had so much fun that it was worth having sauce everywhere. Everywhere. The noodles were pretty tricky for him to get ahold of and get into his mouth so more ended up on the floor then in his belly. The ones he did get ahold of though he was able to eat very well.

Another food Jax got to try while we were out Christmas shopping was pizza. Since we were out and about I fed him little pieces I tore off and he hung out in my ring sling. I didn’t want to have to change his entire outfit in the cold if I didn’t have to and we all know pizza would have been a mess.

2015-11-18 18.28.14_1

We have been on the go so much preparing for the holidays that Jax has been pretty entertained non stop. This has allowed me to skip a lot of feedings without him noticing. Even when we are at home he doesn’t miss them much anymore. I keep a lot of little snacks on hand to give to him around the time of a feeding or if he seems a little hungry, and this has suited him fine. The only times that he tries to get to the boob are when he is looking for comfort. We are teething again and I think the pain in his mouth is really upsetting him and making the comfort of nursing seem appealing.

If I do nurse him I can feel a real difference in the feeding. It is a lot more uncomfortable for me, almost like when we first began. I can tell that there isn’t much milk at all. Over the past few weeks when he was cutting his feedings down to nearly nothing he also cut down my milk supply. This doesn’t frustrate or upset him though which is another reason why I am reassured that he doesn’t need the milk, he just likes the comfort of nursing.

We are down to just two feedings a day, me only nursing him in the mornings. It is a really good feeling to be able to wean naturally. After all of the clog ducts and my experience with mastitis I am so happy that this is pain free. I think I will hold on to my morning feeding for as  long as I can though because I love the time together. I am not so sure about the night time bottle staying around though. He is leaving a little more milk in the bottom and pushing it away earlier and earlier. So that one may not be here much longer.