Baby-Led Weaning: Week 2

The close of week 2 is here, and while our home has looked like a cafeteria food fight at times, I wouldn’t take it back in a second. He is starting to see that there is more to food then just breast milk and watching the way he handles his food in just a matter of two weeks is amazing to me. He is teaching himself and doing what comes natural and he is becoming more coordinated and skilled with food because of it. This week he has definitely eaten more then the first week. It is still not a lot, but that is to be expected, and every day he seems to eat more and more.

This week we stayed with a lot more finger foods and only one “messy” food which was yogurt. We had tried yogurt last week and he loved it so we thought we would try allowing him to eat it on his own this week. 


THE MENU: vanilla greek yogurt, meatless chicken fingerswatermelon, and broccoli.

Yogurt:  Well, we know he loved yogurt so we wanted to try it again, but unless your actually feeding this to them it is just way too messy. We let him go at it for awhile but it was by far the messiest food yet. He started sucking on his clothing and bib to get the flavor out because he had rubbed it into everything first instead of eating it off his fingers.
Meatless Chicken Fingers: Jax loved these and it turned out to be a really good food option. It was soft enough for him to be able to gum it and eat, but tough enough to hold in his hands and feed himself. We have not decided when we will introduce meat so this was a great place holder for the time being.
Watermelon (stains): We had a fresh one out of our garden so we thought what the heck! After finding a couple good pieces without any seeds and cutting them into little sticks so they were easy to grab we gave some to Jax. This was a good food because it nearly melts in their mouth. He would gum off a piece, suck on it, and then spit it out. I don’t think he ate any of the watermelon but he definitely enjoyed sucking the juices from it.
Broccoli: We loved broccoli. It was the first thing to be scooped off the plate every single time. It was easy to grip by the stem and he just chewed and gnawed the head off of it. There were times he was even double fisting broccoli. I got a little worried because he was shoving it in his mouth and not holding on to it but everything either got chewed or spit out. You really have to be careful after eating broccoli when it comes to remnants left in your baby’s mouth. The broccoli heads tend to stick around longer then they should.


OTHER FOODS: This was the first football Sunday of the season so we were of course surrounded by a TON of great food. While most was meat, or spicy, there was one thing that he loved! Cheese! Now this is no surprise since mommy, daddy, and grandma are all pretty much obsessed with cheese. The funny thing about this was that this is the first thing that he really truly ate. Not nibbled, not munched, but ate entirely. He put it in his mouth and just sucked on it until it was gone. Someone came to steal him from me so I went to grab the cheese out of his mouth so they didn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on it and it was gone. He had eaten it all!

2015-09-16 12.42.14

OVERVIEW: This week one great stride was made. We officially ate an entire piece of food, cheese. I think it was soft enough to suck on and there was no need to bite it. Plus he really enjoyed the taste! He also nibbled on some raw broccoli at a graduation party this weekend. We were a little nervous because it wasn’t as soft as the steamed broccoli but he was perfectly fine. He held the stem and chewed on the tree top. He wasn’t able to eat as much of it because it was harder but he really enjoyed having it with him. Everyone at the party was so amazed at how he was able to handle and eat the broccoli, and they aren’t the only ones, he has amazed us as well!


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