I’ll bring the desserts!

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This week I was in charge of desserts, so of course we had to do something fun!

I for one love to have options, I mean, you just never know what your going to be in the mood for right?!

Since I was making desserts for two parties within the same week I decided to make the same desserts and double the recipes. These parties were both outside and I assumed that everyone would be moving around and doing their own thing most of the time, so I put the desserts in mason jars. This way everyone could just grab one and eat on the go! This worked out so well, and they were so simple to move around with, that I even saw some getting tossed to people in other rooms!

All of the jars were labeled on the top with a circular sticker noting the flavor so that people knew what was inside each jar. I think people enjoyed having options and even being able to try multiple flavors. I aimed to try for a wide range of tastes so that there would be something that everyone would like, from a yogurt parfait, to a decedent chocolate mousse. 

I made 5 different desserts and most of the ingredients were recycled throughout multiple flavors. The only two things I had to make from scratch were the chocolate mousse and the cheesecake filling! Everything else was pretty much found in my pantry. 

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Heres the flavors I used and how they were layered:

Yogurt Parfait: strawberry pie filling, vanilla greek yogurt, granola, 3 whole blackberries
Blackberry Lemon Cheesecake: lemon pie filling, cheesecake filling, chopped up poundcake, and 3 whole black berries
S’more: Marshmallow fluff (mini marshmallows would work too but this is what I had on hand), mini chocolate chips, chocolate mousse, graham cracker crumbs
Chocolate Mousse Brownie: Cheesecake filling, chocolate mousse, brownie bits
Mint Oreo: Cheesecake filling, crushed oreos, mini chocolate chips, chocolate mousse (I mixed mint extract into a separated portion of the chocolate mousse for the mint flavor)

My flavors were made based on what I had on hand at the time and what sounded good together. I only went to the store for the bare minimum. I even put pecans in the chocolate mousse flavor for one of the parties, so really you can create these however you would want to! Any flavor or dessert would be possible. I want to make “worms in dirt” for the kids next time!

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Best part was, there was never any left! And even if there was, I could easily have just thrown it into the refrigerator for myself later 🙂

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