Baby-Led Weaning: Week 7

It is getting harder and harder to find new foods for this little man. Foods that are their own ingredient, that is. That is why next week we are going to move him to our plate! I can’t even explain how excited I am for the move! But, let’s not forget about this week.

I am now scavenging the grocery store for new things to try. Looking for things that aren’t a serious choking hazard and are nutritious. There are still many things to try, like corn or apples for example, but I am just not ready for them yet. They pose too much of a hazard to me. I almost tried corn one night. Then I decided to try to eat it myself without chewing, and choked. So I opted for something else. haha.

We are up to solids all three meals of the day. It has been all about building a routine and getting in the habit of setting times and making sure we stick to them. This was difficult for us because we have never had set times to eat and tended to always be on the move. But now our center of gravity is our little man, and when we move, we move around him and his needs.

THE MENU: cauliflower, black beans, chicken, and kiwi 

2015-11-04 17.24.15

Cauliflower: I really wanted cauliflower to work for us. He loves broccoli and I figured, hey, this is the same only white, right? Wrong. Cauliflower is so much harder and it doesn’t pull apart nearly as easy as broccoli. He loved chewing on the “tree top” part of broccoli. Cauliflowers “tree top” is tough and does not bite apart the way broccoli does. I tried steaming it until I got it as soft as I could, which was pretty soft, but he still wasn’t interested. He tried it a couple of times but never really ate any of it and now he avoids it on his plate for the most part.
Black Beans: Now this is a food we can wrap our heads around. Taking the lead, or at least tying for favorite food is the newest addition of black beans. I had a feeling this would be a favorite when he tried to grab some from my plate one day in a Panera. For the most part I have been avoiding anything bite size that could get lodged somewhere in his throat or mouth, but these are so soft so I decided to give them a go. I am glad I did. Nutritionally they are a super food filled with protein so I know they are good for him, and when it comes to taste, he can not get enough.
Chicken: I pan cooked some chicken in olive oil. My husband had to use any other seasoning he wanted on his post plating it (along with everything else!). This is the only very small downfall to feeding baby everything you eat. Seasoning is pretty much nonexistent. I still use my normal salt and pepper (only because we don’t use very much anyways), but don’t use anything else when cooking things we will share. We are HUGE garlic eaters in this house and for the time being that is something I want to steer Jax away from. At least until I know it won’t upset him. He loved the chicken so it ended up being a win. He loved just sucking on it. It was soft enough to gum so he just sat there nibbling little pieces off at a time.
Kiwi: Another fav in this household and one that I have to keep hidden from the hubby is kiwi. I skin and cut up an entire kiwi for him at a time. It ends up being the perfect amount of fruit once you cut off the skin so a whole kiwi was perfect. I never realized how slippery they were… He had a little bit of trouble picking the pieces up and holding on to them. When he was able to handle it he loved it, but there were times that we had to help him out. The seeds made me a little nervous at the beginning, but posed no problem. strawberries worried me for that same reason, so now I think that means that they may be our next try!

2015-10-27 18.20.36

THE MESS: Less and less every week, and this week was no different. Depending on what Jaxon’s eating there are some nights where there is no mess at all! Anymore he gets everything in his mouth and he has even started to pick things up that he has dropped. He will reach under his butt to grab something that fell, and then eat it, haha.

2015-11-10 11.45.42

WEANING: Our feedings have shorten severely. A feeding that was once twenty minutes is now five. All feedings are still in place and I offer him the breast whenever he shows signs of wanting it. While eating though he is distracted and uninterested the majority of the time.

The two feedings that have not budged in our schedule are the before bed bottle (we’ve used formula for this feeding for a few months now so that daddy can have some together time with the little one), and the early morning wake up nurse. I think those two will be around for awhile longer. Which is okay with me, breastfeeding is so special and while at times I am ready to be done, the idea of actually being done makes me sad. I guess it’s one of those grass is always greener things!

I can see a huge change in my boobs. Honestly this is when I first started to notice the weaning. I don’t fill or get engorged if I miss one, or even two feedings. They are back to the normal size, and my areola has gone back to its natural coloring. There is some pain when he feeds at times and I think this is because he may be pacifying instead of eating and not really getting milk. I am not sure if there is any truth to this, haha, I can only make observations based on what it feels like right now. I am going to experiment next week and see if he minds if I don’t offer him the option of nursing, or if he will just go about his daily routine without noticing. I’ll keep you posted!

2015-11-04 17.28.53

CONSUMPTION: I still always worry about how much he is getting, and whether he is getting the right things. The fact that he has cut his nursing time down immensely shows me that he is filling his belly just fine. As for the right things, I try to stick to the same rule I have when feeding my husband and myself. Fruits and veggies first, dairy and protein next, and then some starch and grains! So far we are pretty healthy!

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