Baby-Led Weaning: Week 10

With another Thanksgiving gathering this week it was a great time to be eating solids, and leftovers. Which we are still living on days later! Unfortunately Jaxon refused to eat almost all weekend. He insisted on a bottle or the boob. It wasn’t until the Monday after the holidays that we got back into the swing of things at our house and he sat in his seat and ate his entire lunch. It has felt like a long time since I haven’t had to fight him just to sit down, let alone eat. Hopefully this phase of not wanting to sit and eat is safely in the past, but I have hoped for that once before!

For the most part we have been feeding Jax what we eat. Within reason. Like every other week we figure out more and more things that we can change to make this experience easier for all of us. Having never done this before we are always learning as we go. Even the littlest change is sometimes an ah-ha moment. This week our moment was when we changed our spaghetti dinners and cooked with penne instead of spaghetti noodles. So simple, right? The penne is really is for him to pick up, handle, and chew.

Our favorite thing to eat during lunch right now is sandwiches, and he handles them so well. This week we have tried peanut butter and jellies (we decided to try peanut butter this week safely at home and because no one in our family has a history of food allergies, however, most doctors advise waiting until the one year mark), egg salad, and of course one of our favorites, grilled cheese. I was pleasantly surprised that he enjoyed the egg salad because eggs have been the one food he has fought me on the last few months! I guess a little (and I mean a little, haha) mayonnaise can fix anything.

While he eats I am always staring at his “technique”. Right now he is showing left handed tendencies so I have been curiously watching his hands as they become more dominant trying to see which he uses the most. The newest eating trick he has added into his arsenal is tearing. Now when I give him a sandwich or a piece of toast he holds it in his right hand, and tears pieces off of it with his left hand and feeds himself the smaller of the two pieces. I love watching his skill evolve. I swear the smallest things are the most entertaining moments of the day when you have children.

I was also pretty relieved to watch him start doing this because lately he has developed this habit of shoving every piece of food in front of him in his mouth at once. I have never been too scared about choking throughout this whole process, until this week. He would shove everything in and then gag and spit it out. I had to start monitoring his food intake and only put one new thing on his tray at a time after I new he swallowed the food that was already in his mouth. At least now he is trying to take smaller bites and pace himself!

We had a lot more bottles then I wanted to over the past week and I thought that would throw off our progress for sure. Luckily it didn’t change anything. We haven’t done anymore weaning, but we also haven’t added a bottle back to our daily routine. It is still just the morning nurse and the evening bottle. I did notice over the weekend that I needed to be more vigilant with water. It is something I have been getting used to because before the last couple weeks milk was all I needed. As a new mom these common sense solutions aren’t always so common sense. Once I started offering water ALL the time I think he started to feel more comfortable without milk. I was only really giving him a sippy cup with his meals before. Now I give it to him at mealtime, playtime, crawlin’ around time, just woke up time, all the time. He takes it when he wants, and refuses when he doesn’t, which is hardly ever. He is even holding the cup and drinking it himself sometimes!

Our evening bottle will be staying around until his first birthday when I will switch him to almond milk. Unless he decides himself that he doesn’t want it anymore. I have no desire to get rid of that little midnight snack, not to mention, a full tummy is one that will sleep throughout the night.

My goal for the next week is to start holding off on the morning nurse, which I am dreadinggggg. I love bringing him back in bed with me and snuggling for another twenty minutes! I need to find out if this is something that he needs or wants though. I am curious if he would miss it or even realize if I took it away like some of the other feedings.

Wish me luck!


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