A card for our Valentine.

FontValentines3What did my Valentine get me? Fonts. I got them early, of course. But, could a lady get a more perfect gift?! So, it was only appropriate for me to make sure that he knew where is stood this Valentines. I am sure it can get a little confusing in this house at times.

I look forward to this day every year, and not because of the typical reasons, but because I met my husband on Valentine’s day 7 years ago. On our second Valentine’s day we said our first “I love you’s” and on the third my husband proposed in the exact spot that we met that first year. Every year we start our day by going to the same bar we met at with the two friends that were there with us that night and celebrate everything that has happened in the last year.

We met in such awkward way and on a day where that was the last thing I was looking for or wanted. It is not the cutest “meet-cute” to other people, but I look back and can’t help but smile at the perfect timing and hilarious conversation that lead to our marriage. I went for a drink after getting off of work early. He went to celebrate a friends twenty first birthday. We started talking because he was apologizing for our now really good friend hitting on me (and every other girl in the bar) with a drunken slur. After I had a drink with him and gave him my number, reluctantly at the time, I never thought it would go any further. But for the next couple weeks he continued to text and talk and eventually persuade me into a first real date. I couldn’t let him go since.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that you’ll never met Mr. Right in a bar, but I can honestly debunk that myth. I have never met a more perfect husband and father to our family. And it all started in a bar.FontValentines1 FontValentines2Jax also had to get in on the Valentines action with a card for daddy. Perfect timing too with his first word coming this week and being none other than “DADA”. Unfortunately for me he things mama means food…. DadaValentinesCard1 DadaValentinesCard2

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