Ellicotville, NY

Ellicottville Snowboard shopsThis is one of the most perfect little towns ever. I don’t even say that because we come here every year. There is just nothing better than tiny ski towns in my book. The quaint and cozy feel pours out of ever shop, lodge, and brewery. The houses are funky and eclectic and the streets are quiet and snowy. I never pack anything more than the comfiest of clothing because even when I do, I end up wearing the same sweater and leggings the entire time anyway. This trip was no different, lots of eating, drinking, and spending time with family and friends. I suppose there was a little snowboarding in there as well.

Little man may not have been on a board this year, although there was some serious talk about it, but he still got to see the love we have for snowboarding. We did this trip a little differently this year with the nug tagging along and instead of doing a weekend slope side, we opted for five days off the hill. Funny thing, we probably spent the same amount of time actually snowboarding as every other year. The only difference is we got to spend all the extra time we had walking around town and swimming in the heated pool at the Inn for the first time!

It warmed up to nearly 60 degrees over the weekend so we really only got one great day on the hill before everything melted and turned to ice over night. Maybe back in the day I would have toughed it out and tried to board down those hills but this year I wasn’t feeling it. My desire to be out there non stop has seriously decreased over the last two years. Partially because after taking a year off while I was pregnant my husband is now better than me, which is really hard to swallow. But, also because I want to be with Jax most of the time just lounging around and getting all my cuddles in.

This trip is something I have done every year for my whole life. Some families grabbed their bikinis and drove to the beach, but we grabbed our snow pants and drove here. Now it has become something I do with my husband every year as well. He picked it up instantly the first time out and every year gets more and more fearless. I, however, get more and more fearful. This is probably why I have gotten worse, and he has gotten better than me, haha. I used to want to race down the hill all day long and now I just want to relax at the lodge and take in the beauty of it all. So anymore my brother, who is even more daring, goes out with him. They both get equally agitated with me and my lackadaisical attitude toward the sport, but in the end they have each other. Most of the time. Unfortunately two hours into our trip this year we were taking a b-line right to the emergency room after my brother broke his clavicle…  Sooooo their little duo was broken up. But, there is always next year!

There are times that I can’t wait to put Jax on a board and see if he takes to it, and other times were I am terrified of getting the many phone calls my mother received (and still receives) over the course of my brothers stent in the sport. My husband has no doubt, but as I said before, I keep getting more afraid and he keeps getting less.HolidayValley(2016)11 HolidayValley(2016)12 HolidayValley(2016)52 HolidayValley(2016)47 HolidayValley(2016)35HolidayValley(2016)44 HolidayValley(2016)25The infamous scrunchy smile FINALLY caught on camera!HolidayValley(2016)60

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