Counselor is spelled how?!

My friends, family, and especially the brides I work with will all tell you that I am an awful speller. Not all the time, but when I am in a hurry and working in a software that doesn’t just automatically fix things I am a disaster. My husband has become my all day every day spell check. He looks over pretty much everything I do now before sending out proofs to clients. To date he hadn’t really missed anything, but even he missed this prize…Jaxon'sFirstBirthday50Soooo that was a teeny bit embarrassing. Although I suppose it would have been worse had people not really expected such a thing from me. It was the only time through out the party I was thankful for the light chill. I had my coat on to hide the back of my shirt, but Justin, he wore his proudly. Proudly meaning ignorantly sense no one told us until nearly the end of the party. Haha.

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