Cut, paint, sew pillow.

Cactus Pillowlately, I’ve been spending most of my days daydreaming about how the new house will look. What colors, decorations, “themes”, for each room. I am so excited to start from the ground up, but there are so many choices I feel like my head is going to explode! I LOVE color, so it’s all I can do to not go overboard…. then the house runs the risk of looking like a circus. Which I guess isn’t ALL bad, haha. I just can’t imagine not having color in my life. But, I am cutting back this time. I am going to only do a couple of rooms at first and then work at it slowly. The main room I am working on is Jax’s bedroom. We are doing a desert theme and I am excited for everything planned, to say the least.

I am making little things here and there for his room as we also pack up the house. This week I started on some cute pillows to throw by the wooden pyramid I am slowly convincing my husband we NEED in his room. There will eventually be three different cactus pillows but I had to post the first one I just finished up!

What you need: fabric (I got 1.5 yards of linen so I had enough to mess around with, but 1yd should be fine), pillow stuffing, and fabric paint. CactusPillow1Fold your fabric in half if it isn’t folded already and draw on what shape you want with a fabric marker. I drew mine the entire height of the folded fabric which was 26in. Make sure to widen everything to accommodate for when you stuff it and it becomes three-dimensional. Cut your shape out and sew all around the outside leaving a small hole at the bottom to put the stuffing in. Flip your fabric right side out and paint on your design. Make sure not to paint on too heavy or your paint can seep through. Like this… 🙁CactusPillow7If you don’t want to run the risk, paint one side and let dry before sewing.

I loved painting this cactus because I wasn’t going for perfection when I was doing it. I wanted a more cartoon illustration which gave me a little room for error. The look turned out great and I as so happy with the end result. CactusPillow5Once your pillow is dry, stuff it and sew up your opening! CactusPillow6Cactus Pillow

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