I love you more.

IloveyoumoreWe are down to bare bones over here. The mattress is on the ground, our clothes are in tubs, and even the food from the pantry is boxed up. Only a few days left in the house we moved into together 7 wonderful years ago. The house we got married in, got pregnant in, began to raise Jaxon in, the house we grew together in as a couple and as a family. There are so many amazing memories and while I’ve been packing throughout the day I find that I can go from being so excited about our future and our new home one moment to crying my eyes out the next. I know that the house we live in now isn’t realistic for our growing family, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a part of us. It has been our home for so many years. Important years. The years where you pick your future and how you want to live your life. We have made every decision we have had in this house as a married couple, from how many children to have to which type of food we should have for dinner to whether or not we should buy a bigger home.

I know that once we move into our new house and make it ours that it will become our home and that being together as a family is what makes any place a home. It is how we made this house “our home”. We put down roots, and because we did so for such a long period of time a part of us will always remain there. That is why this house will always be our home too. It will be the home we tell stories about when we are talking about our first memories as a married couple and as a family. Saying good bye to something that will be apart of us forever is hard. But! There is a lot of excitement for the new and unknown. Many more memories have yet to come. In the new home we will grow old together and watch our children grow through their lives and build their own family and homes. The memories and the roots will be deeper and stronger and it will make remembering this home and the past even sweeter.

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