DIY snack seat.

Snackseat9We have seriously fallen in love with this “chair”. I have had it for months now and Jax just loves crawling into it and munching on all of his food. It is like his own little cozy snack spot. I originally started making it because he loved to pull down the tray on my ottoman and sit in it with his toys and food. He was doing this pretty much every day for weeks and I kept trying to think of a way to make us both happy. For him to have a little seat that held his stuff, and for me to get my tray back! And so came this adorable seat.

It has been a wonderful substitute for when we don’t wanna go in a high chair for a quick snack (or if you have animals that love to snatch up any rogue food) but also want to keep everything contained. There is a lot of cutting and sewing, but that doesn’t make it a long project. And definitely not an expensive one. I made this for only 16 dollars, and that was buying some heavy duty outdoor fabric!SnackSeat15

You need: 1yd of fabric (I choose a pretty durable and resistant outdoor fabric), a 22′” x 22″ x 2″ piece of foam, and fabric glue

*there are a lot of pieces to cut… but that’s okay! It doesn’t take long to sew. And to be honest, I think trying to make the diagram that shows what pieces go where was more complicated than just sewing it together, lol. Hopefully it isn’t too confusing!

Cut foam into these sizes: (1) 20″ x 14″, (1) 11″ x 5″, (1) 11″ x 1.5″, (2) 20″ x 1.5″

This picture shows .5″ already cut off the right side so everything would fitSnackseat1 Cut down each line making sure to stay as straight as possible. I used a kitchen knife because none of my other knives could reach down the two inches and it was tricky to keep straight, but got the job done! Snackseat2Once all of your pieces are cut you can start putting the seat together. Use fabric glue to attach the pieces and allow enough time for them to dry.  Place both long 20″ x 1.5″ pieces on the top of either side of your main large piece and glue them down. Put the 11″ x 1.5″ piece in the front of your seat and in-between the two long pieces and glue. Put the 5″ x 11″ piece in the back of your seat and in-between those same two pieces and glue.Snackseat3If you come into problem like I did were something doesn’t line up perfectly, just cut a little chunk out of your left over foam and stick it in there and glue. For me it was difficult to cut some of the pieces accurately (with a kitchen knife) so I had a little chunk that didn’t exactly line up.Snackseat5One everything is all glued together it should look like this.

Time for fabric…

Cut fabric into these sizes: (1) 15″ x 21″,   (1) 12″ x 17.5″,   (2) 21″ x 5″,   (2) 21″ x 2.5″,     (2) 17.5″ x 3″,   (2) 15″ x 5″,    (1) 12″ x 4″,   (2) 12″ x 2.5″,   (1) 12″ x 3″,   (1) 12″ x 6″,   (2) 3″ x 4″

The picture below also shows all of the sizes and how to Iay everything out on the table before starting to sew. Doing that kept everything organized until it was time to use each piece. FabricMeasurementsSnackseat4Once your ready to start sewing you will start from the largest piece in the middle and work from the inside out (making sure not sew where the dotted line is shown). Sewing a piece onto each side, and then those sides together, and so on. Each side of every piece on the above diagram has a color. By matching the colors you can see which sides need to be sewn together. Every so often as I was sewing I would put the fabric over the foam pieces to make sure everything was fitting alright.Snackseat6Along the top of the largest center piece in the diagram you will see a dotted line. Leave that piece unsewn. That is how you will put the fabric over the foam for the last time before closing it up.

*When I was taking the fabric on and off as I sewed I noticed that the corners on the insides of the seat were coming up when pressure was applied to the center. So before I glued the last piece, I also put some glue in the inside corners of the seat on the foam so that the fabric would stay put. Make sure to line the corners up perfectly so that it will dry that way. Snackseat8After you have finished sewing and placed the fabric around the foam you can use your fabric glue to close those pieces together. I used a couple pins to keep it closed while it finished drying.

After everything is dry you are done and ready to start snacking! Snackseat10

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