DIY tail.

GLMFOnce a weekend every year we go to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire. I have been going since I was a kid and dragging people with me since I have been an adult. P.S. if you drag them once, you never have to drag them again. Seriously. I spend so much time convincing people to come then I ever should. And once they go they love it! Then I start getting phone calls and texts every summer asking when we are panning to go. One of our best friends even moved part of his CPA exams this year to later in the month so he didn’t have to study the weekend we went!

It is pretty much tradition. The only things that haven’t changed are the fact that I still go with my family, and we still see the same shows. My mom gets a gigantic turkey leg, and we all drink a little bit more than we anticipate and start talking in some sort of broken attempt at old english. However, this year was a bit different. I was definitely not drinking, and we saw all new shows. I wanted to start exploring a different side of the faire. With Jax now old enough to start enjoying it himself it was so much fun to visit the kids side again and see him go crazy. Not to mention it reminded me of when my brother and I were kids and we used to dress up and run around.

Last year when we came we had decided our red solo cups just weren’t cutting it anymore and opted to buy some mugs to fit in a bit more and give us some medieval flare. So in the spirit of adding to our “costume” I decided that this year Jax NEEDED a tail, and one for me too of course. At this rate in a few years you may not be able to pick us out from spectators or actors…. But for the time being just a little piece is perfect. So Friday night with t minus 12 hours until we had to be out of the house I decided I needed these tails. Luckily, they were VERY fast. Or else I would have been even more tired than I already was after walking for 9 hours straight with swollen feet (another pregnancy symptom I never got with Jaxon and definitely didn’t anticipate).

To make a tail for Jax and myself we used 1/4 yard of fabric (There was enough left over for another little tail too) and velcro (you could use a safety-pin instead if you like.

To make the little tail –

Cut out a piece of fabric 9in x 10inTailDIY2 Fold in half with the right side in and round the corners off making a point at the bottom.TailDIY3Sew from the bottom to the top, leaving a small gap at the top to flip the fabric right side out and eventually fill with fluff.TailDIY4 When I flipped my tail right side out I noticed that the hair got stuck in the seam making for a not so seamless look. A fork worked perfectly to pull it out! Once you can’t see your seam anymore stuff the tail with fluff, making sure to only put enough in for some dimension. Too much will make the tail stiff. TailDIY5 Sew across the top to close the gap. Here is where you can simply use a safety-pin to attach it or you can add velcro. If you use velcro then cut down the hair along the top of the back of the tail (the opposite side of your seam). Using some of your scrapes, cut another piece of fabric as long as the width of the top of the tail and about 1/2in thick. Then cut two velcro squares to fit on the scrape piece. Leaving a space between them about the size of a belt loop.TailDIY6 Hand sew the velcro onto each side. A sewing machine will bunch up all the fur.TailDIY8 Then test it out and see how great you look with a tail!

To make a bigger tail follow the same instruction as above but use 13″ x 26″ measurements instead. The fabric I bought had the lines going down vertically, so to make the tail look more realistic I cut it into three squares and sewed them together making one piece that was 13″ x 26″. That way the stripes were going horizontally down the tail. TailDIY9 Then your ready to hit up a renaissance fair! MedievalFaire12

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