DIY circle blanket

circleblanket2With my husband not letting me find out the sex (as of now…..) I am going crazy trying to figure out how I will decorate the nursery and figure out what I should buy for the baby. When we first found out we were pregnant I thought the idea was so fun. I was so excited for the “greatest surprise of all” and hearing those wonderful words “IT’S A….”. I also thought that finding unisex things wouldn’t be so hard. I was wrong. Or maybe I am just picky. Either way, it’s exhausting trying to figure out what I want. I feel like my already horrible indecisiveness is on steroids and I am afraid of spending money on something I may hate or not need down the road.

I know that I want simplicity this time around, and a more earthy, natural feeling. At least that is what I want at this moment. I am sure tomorrow I will want a totally different theme. I am starting to realize why my husband puts off my projects for so long. But, at least I can admit my faults right?

To satisfy my current nursery concept I thought that while the boys were on vacation I could find some fun fabrics and put together a baby blanket. Lord knows I will need a ton and they are a fun, easy, project to pass some time. Which I desperately needed to do last week. It is amazing how time flies by when you are spending it with the people you love, and when you are alone (for longer than a day and the nostalgia of it wears off) it drags on forever….
MATERIALS – 1.5 yards of two different fabrics (try not to get them too stretchy since you will be sewing in a circle and want to avoid bunching. I did not do this and battled for many of hours to get the brown suede fabric to work with me.) 13ft (4 1/3 yard) trim, and corresponding thread.circleblanket1Fold one of the fabrics in half, and then in half again. Find the corner with both folds. circleblanket3Depending on the shortest side of your fabric, mine was around 48 inches, that will be the largest size blanket you are able to make. I wanted the blanket to be 45 inches wide. After adding an inch for sewing the seam (half-inch on each side) the width of the blanket would need to be 46 inches before sewing. Because the fabric is folded in half, cut that number in half to measure. So I measured 23 inches from the folded corner.

Starting from the corner with both folds, measure 23 inches in a semi-circle, from one side of the fabric to the other. circleblanket4Cut out the pizza shaped piece of fabric. circleblanket9And repeat with the other piece of fabric.circleblanket10Lay the fabric on top of one another, right sides facing in. Add your trim, keeping the fringe side facing inside the fabric and the area you will sew along the outside.circleblanket12Pin all around the blanket so that the fabrics won’t move or slide around. I also recommend pinning throughout the blanket to keep everything in place. It helps when your sewing and is worth the extra time. Pin, pin, pin!circleblanket13Start sewing carefully around, a half-inch from the outside making sure that you are sewing over both fabrics and that the trim is staying in place. Leave about a 3 to 4 inch gap open so that you can flip your blanket right side out.

Cut the excess fabric from around the seam.circleblanket14Sew a zig zag stitch all around the outside of the seam, still leaving your 3-4 inch gap open.circleblanket18Flip right side out! circleblanket17 Once the blanket was completely flipped right side out I ironed all along the seams on both sides of the fabric to make the folds along the outside look crisp. It also fixed some of the areas I thought were problem areas due to stretching. I think an iron may be more of a lifesaver then pinning. But I’m not sure. For now it is a tie.circleblanket19Finish up by sewing your opening closed, I used a zig zag stitch along the outside.

As you can see from the picture I am still removing thread from the first time I tried to sew it together. My punishment for buying stretchy fabric 🙁

It really did turn out to be a beautiful blanket though, and I wouldn’t have the fabric any other way. I love the super soft suede side and how the much tougher patterned accent side compliments it.

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