What’s in our (BentGo) box.

I have been eyeballing these Bentgo lunchbox for a long while now and finally got a chance to try a few out for the last couple of weeks.  Guys, they are just as amazing as I had built them up to be in my head, which pretty much never happens.

If you asked my husband what a few of my favorite things are, any kind of tupperware would be at the top of the list.  Usually followed by bags and lately hats.  Anything you can put stuff in or helps organize things is a weakness for me.  The other day we drove to the mall and passed a CONTAINER STORE.  I am not kidding.  My heart almost dropped.  I am pretty sure Justin just looked at me and hugged his wallet a little closer.  For a moment the clouds parted and a choir started to sing.  Then my kids woke up and I realized there was no way I was going to be able to run in for a “second”.  Truth is, I probably didn’t NEED anything anyways.

I have sandwich holders, dressing holders, chip clips, and pretty much something to hold everything.  Still, every time we left the house I found myself just grabbing a bunch of pre packaged snacks and throwing them in a bag.  I love the idea of prepping my meals ahead of time and packing up healthy alternatives to take with me, but that usually ended with me having ten separate containers bouncing around in my bag.  All of which were nearly pointless because we are always on the go and trying to balance all those containers on a teeny tiny stroller tray?  Impossible.  Most of the food ends up on the floor or forgotten about and thrown in the trash that night and I’m left staring at countless little containers in my sink that need scrubbed.  Needless to say, it doesn’t happen often.

Then I tried these lunch boxes… Separate containers in ONE container.  You can do dry or wet because it seals completely when closed.  In the last couple weeks that we have had our lunch boxes I have probably already used them ten times.  Even around the house they are perfect.  Jax can close and carry them around, or I can prep lunch the night before and throw it in the fridge.  They fit easily in my bag and all the compartments offer an opportunity for a lot of variety, making it so much fun for Jax (and me!) to eat out of them.

To sum it up, we’ve been in love.  And we’ve taken pictures of the meals we have made throughout the last two weeks!  Check them out below, and check out the BentGo lunch boxes here. 

Head over to our Instagram for an opportunity to win one for your little one!

BentGo for breakfast!  This was a life savor for me.  I prepped it the night before so all I had to do was open it up and serve, buying me a little extra time in the morning!  Filled with (from biggest to smallest compartment): Mini pancakes, raspberries and blackberries, cottage cheese, cheerios, and syrup 

Filled with (from biggest to smallest compartment): PB&J cut with a dinosaur cookie cutter, carrots and tortilla chips, grapes and raspberries, hummus, and brownie 

Filled with (from biggest to smallest compartment): Hotdog, celery with peanut butter, applesauce, goldfish, and chocolate teddy grahams 

Filled with (from biggest to smallest compartment): hardboiled eggs, veggie straws, dried fruit, olives, and chocolate chips

Filled with (from biggest to smallest compartment): Jaxons – multi colored pasta salad*, grapes, pretzels, cheese cubes, and chocolates Mine – the same multi colored pasta salad mixed with iceberg lettuce, cheese cubes and grapes, and olives. 

* The pasta is SO easy to make!  After I cooked it I put handfuls at a time in another pot with a little water and whatever food coloring I needed.  The longer they sit the more dense the color.  It only took about 15 minutes and I did it while cleaning up the kitchen!


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