Our top 5 diaper bag essentials

The things that have come and gone from my diaper bag over the last few years would blow your mind, but I’m sure most moms out there are riding along in the same over-flowing-purse boat as myself.  I’m not even talking about the ten random suckers stuck to the bottom and sides of my bag that I NEVER remember opening, or the miracle twenty that falls out with perfect timing in the Target check out line. Ch-ching!  Although the latter seems to happen a whole lot less often.  I am talking about all the things that I seem to “need” for the kids and then never use.  The truth is, there is always something “new and improved” coming out, and what can I say?  l’m a sucker for a brilliant idea and a great design.  Even if the ideas aren’t always so brilliant and the packaging ends up being the most useful part of the whole product.  Let’s just say, I have tried many new things, some that end up living on the floor of my bag amongst the field of suckers, and others that have turned into daily essentials and total lifesavers.

These are the top five things that I carry daily and couldn’t imagine living without.  Some of them may be staples for you, others may be a new surprise.  One thing I can promise, these aren’t pretty packages full of empty promises.  These essentials are the real deal, and have come in clutch for us time and time again.

1 . Kids BentGo lunch box – We take this lunchbox with us everywhere we go filled with either lunch, dinner, or just different types of snacks.  With multiple completely sealed compartments you can pack both wet and dry foods together.

2 . Rechargeable battery – I can’t imagine a person in the world who still doesn’t have one of these, yet I run in to them more often than you’d think.  These batteries are lifesavers.  They can charge a phone on the go multiple times before they need to be charged themselves.  The idea of being lost on the road or without a phone when I am out with the kids haunts me.  You just never know what life can bring, and these bad boys can come in real handy when you forget to charge your phone (or any device) the night before.

3 . Solly baby wrap –  Right now Lu lives in this thing.  This wrap is the best one I have ever worn and I can honestly say, I will never use another infant carrier.  It holds them tight and close to you while allowing you to have both hands.  And because it is all cloth, it packs up to a surprisingly small little bundle that can be easily tucked away and brought back out whenever it is needed.  Which for us is always.

4 . Small game/activity –  Dinners, car rids, lines, etc. There is always difficult down time for kids.  I always try to keep a little something in my bag for these occasions.  Sometimes I have mini coloring and activity set or a little toy, but most times I carry this handy felt puzzle we created awhile back.  Jax still gets a kick out of playing with it and putting the animals together or creating new ones.  We have used this puzzle so often that I am actually shocked we still have all of the pieces.  We talk about the colors, count the pieces, and create all kinds of different animals.  By the time dinner is served at a restaurant we are only half way through it with lots of pieces to explore while we wait for dessert.  It is super easy to make and really fun to do with the kids, click this link to check out how.

5 . Replay Cup – Can I get a hallelujah?!  No I am not exaggerating.  This cup deserves it.  It does not leak.  Like, ever.  It is the only cup that I have got that hasn’t leaked at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of its lifespan.  It’s made out of old recyclable and is extremely durable.  AKA: toddler resistant.  There is a little plastic piece on the inside that holds all the non-leaking magic that can easily come out, so as the kids gets older and the worry of spills (kind of) go away you can actually take that piece out and still use the cup.  They come in every color imaginable with matching plates, silverware, and bowls.  I am slowly collecting them all…

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