Our beach vacation in Destin

Double naps during the day, soaking in the baby kicks, and chapters on chapters of my book finished.  I can officially say vacation was a total success!  And not just for me, everyone got to indulge in their favorite things.  Jax was in love with running through the waves (usually right before we sat down for dinner, haha) and exploring new wild life.  Which we did a LOT of!  We found snails and clams, crabs and turtles, dolphins and…. even SHARKS!  Oh, and pelicans! My personal favorites.  Lu wanted to spend every waking moment in the pool, which Justin gladly obliged, because that was pretty much all he wanted to do too.

We had only two goals this trip.  The first, I wanted a kid to fall asleep on me at least once a day while we snuggled.  The second, the kids wanted to have ice cream or milk shake EVERY day.

Well, I am proud to say, we achieved both goals!  Who says goals have to be big anyway?  This was pretty much all we needed.

After going to Pensacola for the first time last year, I have to say that the gulf is one of my favorite places to visit.  The water is so clear and the ocean life so apparent that you feel like you are on a private beach somewhere!  I never thought I would say this… but, I have gone from a person who wanted to go somewhere new every single year to a mama who just wants to know what she is getting into, and know that she will love it!  Trust me, I already know I’m boring, but I have NEVER wanted to swim in the ocean the way I do when I am there.

This year we tried out Destin, thinking that it would offer a little more for the kids to do.  Which I think it probably does.  However, all that time we thought we would be wanting to go-go-go, we actually just ended up doing our good ole’ basic things we love to do like: sitting on the beach.  We even got a place walking distance to the boardwalk and some really wonderful restaurants, but it just wasn’t worth it.  Destin was fun, but it was also a little too… populated for us.

Walking out on to the beach in the morning and seeing hundreds of chairs and umbrellas wasn’t our favorite thing.  Especially when the beach is near bare in Pensacola.  Truly though, that was the only downfall.  It just happens that that one downfall is one of the most important things to us.  And we were also pretty bummed that we didn’t get to see the stingrays again this year!  Also a “Pensacola thing” we found out.  Although I am pretty sure that the dozens of other critters we saw made up for them tenfold.

We spent all our time finding our favorite things to do and building routines even in the short week we were there.  For me it was visiting the beach at dusk.  No need for an umbrella or shade because the sun is almost down!  Bonus, less people.  Double bonus, I didn’t burn, because apparently pregnancy has made me more susceptible to burning?!  Yup, first day and I was burnt.  Really burnt, and yes, I was totally covered in sunscreen.

We also walked the beach every night with flashlights while the kids hunted for sea life.  Hands down, their favorite thing to do aside from getting ice cream.  More often than not on the walk back home Lu would fall asleep in my arms, making me one happy momma.  I mean, that WAS my goal and all… Although I will say, a little insider tip:  if your husband tells you NOT to bring your ring sling or baby carrier “just in case” you need it.  IGNORE HIM.  We (ahem – me) pretty much carried the kids the entire time, haha.

It’s better to be over prepared than under, right?!

Those little routines and small goals pretty much made for the biggest memories and most exciting parts of the trip.  Memories that we will have and hold forever.  If there is ever a day were these babes stop snuggling me, this will be the trip I look back on.  Annnnnd there goes the pregnancy tears…

I still can’t believe it took me almost two weeks to edit all the pictures, but I swear I come back with more every single year!  Here’s just a small portion of them…


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