Halloween Party!

Feeling pretty proud that my “Happy Halloween!” surprise party for the kids was only ONE week late!  With our fresh new babe only a couple weeks old I had a little hunch that my goal of October first might not be totally possible.  I wasn’t too far behind though!  And for that, I am feeling pretty accomplished.

The kids absolutely loved it, and I love that they are SO into Halloween this year!  We made pom pom spiders to hang from the ceiling, cut out bats to hang on the wall, and worked on festive cupcakes that we eventually passed out throughout the neighborhood (and good thing, because I did NOT need two dozen cupcakes hanging out in my kitchen).  Hands down, both the kids had the most fun taking spooky desserts to all their neighborhood friends!

We have all been loving decorating the dining room and hanging up Halloween decor these past couple weeks.  It’s really the only room that we have completely decorated and probably the only one that WILL get fully decorated this year.  It’s so much fun because we get to enjoy it all when we sit down for dinner at night with our bonus skeleton dinner partner.

I have to mention a couple shops that I am totally obsessed with.  That amazing round “trick or treat” hanging is from Against the Grain.  They have the best stuff for the holidays and were the total inspiration to all of my decor.  Their site is full of decor inspiration and I am almost positive that the are my new decor addiction.  I need a round for EVERY holiday!  And if you are looking for the coolest new party supplies for any kind of party, holiday, or event then you need to check out Ellie and Piper Party Boutique.  I could barely decide what to get for this party between all the cute stuff on their site, but could their cat plates and wands be any cuter?!?  I think I made the right decision.

Check out more photos below along with the DIY on our spider poms and the DIY on how to make cheap streamer wall hangings like mine!

I keep seeing these streamer wall hangings all over the place and I am not sure how everyone else is doing them, but I just used some simple party streamers and a dowel rod.

I hung the streamers over the rod and stapled the two sides together so that they stayed put.  Once I had them all done and layered on the wall I checked to make sure the rods were level and then trimmed the length of the streamers so that they were all even.  It was super easy and I am hoping to reuse the rods for the next time I make one.  I already have some serious plans for a christmas wall!

The kids were most excited about making the bats and spiders, aside from the cupcakes of course.  I tried to let them wrap the yarn but it was a little too time consuming for them and they started to lose their patience, so I prepped all the spiders and then let them do the fun parts.  Which was putting on the googley eyes and bending all the legs!

To make them you need black and white yarn, googley eyes, black pipe cleaners, and a piece of cardboard.

Cut out a piece of cardboard about 4in wide that you can wrap yarn around (just like you would make the pom of a hat if you have ever made one).  Wrap and wrap the yarn around the cardboard until you have a significant amount of yarn.  The more yarn the fluffier the spider.

Slowly pull the yarn off the cardboard while keeping it together.  Tie a strand of yarn around the center and tie it tightly in a knot.  Cut all of the yarn loops so that it starts to look like a circular pom.  Trim all around to make your ball an even sphere.

Once your satisfied with the size and shape grab 4 pipe cleaners and tie them tightly to the body with black yarn.

All that’s left is to hand it over to your little one to do the fun stuff!  Once they are finished adding the eyes and bending the legs you can take a strand of white yarn and attach it to the spider to hang from the ceiling!

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