About me.

“Life is made with love” is a phrase that I have aways tried to live by. Being a wife and a stay at home momma, I try to take every thing in our life (big or small) and make it special. From the littlest things like lunch or an outfit, to the largest things like events that we are throwing or holidays we are celebrating. Together we try to make everything in our lives creative, colorful, fun, and interesting.

Having always had a love for crafting and design, I try to incorporate it in to my everyday life. In college I received my BFA in graphic design with a minor in computer imaging (I hope to one day get my masters in illustration! But, not until I can pay off the first degree! haha). In my last year of school I got married and designed the invitation to our wedding. It inspired me to create more and I continued to run a small freelance by word of mouth creating custom invitations for other weddings. After having Jax, my son, in the spring of last year I decided to take break and focus on him. Now I’m where I am the happiest, as a stay at home mommy dedicated to him and Luella and to keeping up my passion for crafting and design. Here I will post about the day-to-day things we create for whats going on in our life! Follow us here or on Instagram or Pinterest!