Luella’s “pink with sprinkles” birthday party

First off, how are you TWO?!  I know we all say time flies by, but this time I swear it has gone faster than normal, and watching this ray of sunshine on her big day made her look even more grown up.  She filled the room with such joy and happiness.  Skipping around greeting everyone who came to see her while melting their hearts (and mine).  You know those rare days where everyone is in a great mood, naps are on point, everyone is listening, and the birds are singing?!  It was like that.  Minus the birds.  It’s in the negatives over here in Ohio.

It was the perfect day of friends, family and a house full of love.

It’s only one day, but I swear it takes me weeks to “plan” for these parties.  Most of that time being me thinking of the actual idea and what I want to do with it.  Which I tend to change every couple of days.  I build the whole thing in my head and when the time comes to get ready I always think I have a million decorations to put up and everything that I need for that day all prepared and tucked away neatly waiting for me.  In reality… I have half the decorations I thought I did, I’m always missing something super important like plates (one year it was the cake….), and I’m basically running on two hours of sleep from cramming everything in the night before.

Every year, every event, same story.

We always make it through, though!  Which is funny for me to say now, because Justin told me that about twenty times the day before the party and all I could do was glare at him.  Haha.  Hindsight, am I right?

After all the (not a million) decorations were up, what actually ended up being the biggest statement piece at the party was the cheapest one I had.  5 dollars!  I wanted something that looked like a wall decal, without the actual wall decals.  So, I thought, hey!  A temporary decal doesn’t need to be a real decal.  Why can’t it be just regular construction paper.

I bought some thick cardstock from Joannes and a roll of double-sided tape.  Cut these 1.5in by 6in rectangles out and used a corner cutter to round the edges.  A little piece of double-sided tape and some patience while hanging them and wa-la!  I covered the wall where Lu sat and opened gifts and the wall where we served dessert.

Honestly, they were all still up until last night.  They almost made it a whole week.  I kind of loved them!  I actually wish I had a place to put them that could be more permanent.  But even in my colorful house, where would I put a rainbow sprinkle wall…?  I did however take advantage of it by getting a whole LOT of pictures to remember it by.  RIP sprinkle wall, we will always remember you.

When it came to the food, we did the same as last year with our sandwiches.  We made them ourselves to save money, then wrapped them with a  strip of wax paper and a piece of yarn to make it look like we bought them somewhere fancy (check out the pics from last year here).  The desserts were as pink as I could get them, with of course, sprinkles on top!  Chocolate covered Oreos, wafers, and pretzels, all coated in chocolate and sprinkles.  We came really close to having a pink chocolate fountain, but there is only so much time.  And only so much need for even chocolate.  Maybe for Jaxon’s big day that’s right around the corner?

Instead of just one big cake for Lu, I made a large cake for the party and two mini cakes.  One for each of the kids so that they had their own special dessert.  For those who weren’t big cake fans we also did JELLO cups, which went over really well.  Lots of people were happy to have a lighter option.

After all was said and done, I may have gone a LITTLE overboard on the desserts.  We had so much leftover desserts I was sending people home with plates of it along with their favors!

And the favors!  The favors were super tricky for me.

I was walking around the party store just looking and thinking: all of this will be thrown away in 24 hours.  What can I put together that will actually get USED, and that fits the rainbow theme.  About an hour in and all hope lost we came across dollar coloring books, right next to dollar crayons!  Tied them together with some rainbow stickers and a rainbow lollipop (rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!!) and I was so thrilled with the outcome.  Who won’t use a coloring book?  You can see the finished product below.

Everything ended up coming together so perfectly, and I couldn’t have asked for things to go better.  The night ended with close friends, a movie for the kids, and pizza for everyone.  There wasn’t even much of a mess.  Could I ask for more?!

Check out all the pics below!