Adventure awaits shower invite.

Adventure Awaits Shower InviteIt has been a busy season this year! Maybe it is the fact that I took such a long break from designing invites, or maybe there is just more going on with the little one around! But, it definitely feels busier then normal.

It is invites like these that make me love what I do so much. First off, the girl I was working with was just amazing. I did her wedding invitations too and she was so much fun through the whole process. When I design for someone I always start with about 4 or 5 concepts. From there we try to find a direction to move in and to build off the concepts until we get the perfect design. I always make a joke to my friends and family that no one EVER picks my favorite design, haha. Now when I work with returning clients they always laugh and ask at the end of the meeting, “so which was your favorite?”. It is never the one they picked. Which makes me wonder, is it me? or is it them?! It must be me. But then this happened. Yup, she picked my favorite design. I was so happy, because I just love this one. It all came from her imagination, and I was thrilled I could bring it to life!Adventure Awaits Shower Invite