Ultimate dinosaur Halloween costume from Chasing Fireflies

There are many (many) days when I wonder if dinosaurs are an actual sustainable life source.  Based solely on the earth shattering screams that Jax can let out when he’s searched for 13 seconds and can’t find a particular pachycephalosaurus and the STRONG desire to go to Target as often as possible and buy more, I’m leaning more and more on the yes side everyday.

It’s his thing.  And if I’m being honest, I get it.  Experiencing dinosaurs through him has shown me that they are actually insanely cool.  What other group of creatures in the world are so unique and mystical?  While also being completely unattainable.  They leave a lot to the imagination, and Jax has a LOT of imagination, which makes them a perfect fit.  Him and Lu can sit around the living room for hours and just play pretend with their dinosaurs.  Which is why it was zero surprise when I asked him what he wanted to be this year for Halloween and he said “a dinosaur!”.

Of course he did.  SO the search began.  Let me tell you, there are a LOT of dinosaur costumes out there right now.  All different kinds of fits and styles.  But none are like the one we found from Chasing Fireflies.  I’m officially declaring it the ultimate dinosaur costume.

From head to toe Jax was totally immersed in the costume.  The feet attach to his shoes, the hands to his hands, and his head came right out the dino’s mouth.  The fit is perfect because it is shaped to take on the shape of an actual T-rex.  It is fitted tight around the arms which fall against the body that widens around the hips making him look like he has huge hind legs and teeny tiny little arms!  What?!  It is so cool.

Top that off with a super cute head-piece that wraps around the neck and open its mouth to reveal your head.  It gives you the appearance of being much bigger than you are, kinda like a dinosaur!  The spikes trail down the head and along the tail that drags behind without touching the ground and creating a mess.  You can tell right away it is made to last, I sized up because I knew this would not be a Halloween exclusive costume, BUT I would advice sizing down or true to size for a little room.  At least with my kids they ended up being a little bigger than I anticipated.  I am also thinking about stuffing the inside I bit to fill it out for the big day!

Check out the pictures below for some close up shots and to see my little dinos knocking heads.

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