Wildlife Nursery Art.

Lionstigersbears,ohmy6Lately I have been obsessed (along with most everyone else in the world) with all things wildlife and nature in the nursery. In fact for my sons room in the new house I am planning on doing a spin off of those ideas. His theme will be a different kind of outdoor environment, one that is sandy and warm, not a beach! A desert! With my husbands obsession with camels mixed with my love for a neutral color scheme that I can add tons of contrast too it was the perfect idea. It will be months from now but I can’t wait to show it off one day, there are so many plans in the making. One of which may or may not be a built in wooden pyramid fort!

Buuuutttttt, I digress. What I wanna show today is my current love for wildlife Illustrations. I was asked to do some baby shower invites recently and decided this would be the perfect time to get some much needed designing out of my system. Along with a number of other concepts I made one with little animals all over it. Once I finished I just fell in love with the little guys and I had to turn them into wall art too. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! I hope someone can find as much love for these tiny creatures as I have!

Just click the link “LionsTigersBears,ohmy!” for the 8in x 8in downloadable pdf that you can print out at home!Lionstigersbears,ohmy1