Pumpkin picking.

pumpkinpatch27It’s not often that I come home from a day out with the fan and have a ton of pictures I love. Normally I get a few good ones and I am totally happy with that, if not ecstatic I got any at all, but this time I got so many I couldn’t believe it! All of those beautiful colors and happy faces really helped out. Thats why these are the weekends I work for. Easy, fun, and full of love. Some days just randomly happen like that. You wake up and float through the day while everything seems to just go perfectly without even trying. Everyone is in a great mood, and everything just goes right.

Just like everyone else, I love fall. I pretty much love every season (for the first month at least), but fall is bless. It is still warm enough to do all the things you love outside but on top of it it is also absolutely beautiful while you’re doing it. Which made for beautiful pictures of us picking out our pumpkins and apples and even more beautiful memories. Jax couldn’t get enough of just running around through all of the farm lands and picking up the apples and putting them in our bag. We ended up losing track of time completely and spending way more time then we could have imagined just walking around finding the perfect pumpkin. It made for a late night of carving and a late bed time, but I didn’t see anyone complaining. pumpkinpatch8 pumpkinpatch9pumpkinpatch7pumpkinpatch10pumpkinpatch15 pumpkinpatch36pumpkinpatch24 pumpkinpatch17pumpkinpatch31pumpkinpatch20pumpkinpatch32pumpkinpatch27 pumpkinpatch34pumpkinpatch28pumpkinpatch32pumpkinpatch40 pumpkinpatch47 pumpkinpatch41pumpkincarving4pumpkincarving17pumpkincarving15pumpkincarving5pumpkincarving22pumpkinpatch21