DIY Watercolor Quote

wcquote16What do you do when you have a ton of cleaning and a to do list a mile long? I know you may think, clean! But, no, the answer is start another project so that you have about 100 going on simultaneously.

This week and last have been particularly hard with a sick babe running around, but we are finally reaching the end and starting to come out of it. Bedtime is going back to normal and nap time is taking place in a crib and not on my chest. Giving me a teeny bit more time. Time I should spend cleaning up from the mess of the past week, but instead, I am painting!

I have been crushing on this quote by Steve Jobs since a trip to New York last March where I saw it on a  purse. I knew I wanted it somewhere in the house but just hadn’t decided how or where to put it. During one of our sick nap time cuddle sessions I started sketching a bit and thinking about everything there is house. There isn’t much time for doodling now a days so this was really a treat and I finally decided what I wanted to do with the quote! Hand drawn text with a loose watercolor feel.wcquote2Of course my picture only somewhat ended up looking like the sketch… I love art, and I love creating. But I am NOT all for perfection 100% of the time. That’s why I love to pick concepts that don’t need perfection. For instance, my cat choose to jump on the painting half way through while it was still wet and I only freaked out a little. In this house with 1 baby, 1 pregnant momma, a husband, 2 dogs, and 2 cats it is pretty close to impossible to focus on one thing for very long and make it absolutely perfect. That is just not realistic. It can happen, but it is rare. I like to save those times for the really tricky projects. So when I planned this painting, I planned for it to be messy and capable of some mistakes.

Instead of doing a lot of measuring to get the width of my letters all identical I taped two pencils on ether side of an eraser and drew from there.wcquote1I measure out a loose box around the paper that I wanted to keep the drawing within and started with the largest letters first. (You can faintly see my letters in the picture.)wcquote3Once everything was drawn out I got the water-color ready. Mixing a little color into a lot of water so that it made a light gray and then putting a dab of pure black paint to the side of it so that I could add it in when I wanted to.wcquote5I started to paint the letters with the light color and then added more of the pure black paint where I wanted it to be darker and blended it in.wcquote9I made  the O’s and A’s that were completely colored in really messy. Splattering paint all around it and adding extra water to parts so that it would bleed out of the letter or into another letter. This is where my cat helped to really get paint everywhere.wcquote12I tried to make different parts of the letters dark, and some light, some letters crisp along their edges and others bleeding into each other until I finished each letter.wcquote14Once dried completely, erase the lines and frame it. In my case I had to cut my own mat to fit it, which did NOT turn out good. So down the road I’ll be getting one made. Lesson learned there.wcquote15