Family painting.

painting3A few weeks ago I burst out of the tired portion of my pregnancy and right into the less tired portion of my pregnancy. My new-found energy was put to great use setting up a paint day for Jax and I. And today I finally got a second burst of energy and got the paintings we created hung up on the living room wall!

Jax has really taken to coloring and painting. He even found a permanent marker recently and added a very subtle beauty mark to his face in the perfect place to match momma. I couldn’t help but laugh, and feel lucky that there was no marker drawings anywhere else in the house.

This time around I decided to try out painting with actual paint brushes. When we finger painted on his first birthday he just wasn’t having it. This kid is not into having stuff all over his hands, so the brushes were the perfect solution and really got Jaxon into the whole experience. We ended up painting for probably a good hour. Which was roughly 59 minutes longer then his birthday painting endeavor.

I started by squirting a few colors randomly on his canvas for him to smear around but he quickly started picking up other colors, handing them to me and pointing to the canvas so I would squirt them onto it. Then he would smear it around all over the place. “My” canvas turned into a giant gray blob in the meantime from all of the smearing but his turned out amazing. I have actually had it sitting up against the wall for a while now and I can’t get over how awesome it is. I love abstract work but every time I try to make something it just looks like a bunch of blobs. So basically, I guess the trick to good abstract work is to have your 18 month old create it for you.

The one thing I was definitely more prepared for the first time around was the MESS, and funny thing, there was less of a mess then. I guess because there was a lot less painting going on. I had thought the whole thing out the first time and bought large pieces of plastic to lay under us. I wish I would have had something like that this time around. My floor (and me) definitely fell victim to becoming some of Jax’s masterpiece as well and it was hell trying to get it off. The only perk to the mess was the long bubble bath we took right after!painting2painting1painting4painting5painting6painting9painting7painting10painting13