A Super Hero Themed Bedroom


This summer’s game plan has been to do one kids room a month… So June was for Jaxon, July for Luella, and August for the nursery.  Which at the time seemed totally possible.  Fast forward to a very pregnant mama and a very busy dad and that goal is looking a little less… possible.  We aren’t TOO far behind (only a few weeks), but it’s enough to start making me a teeny bit anxious about whether we will make it to the nursery in time.

We put a TON of work into Jaxon’s room over the last month, and I’m thinking that his was the most difficult of the three, but either way, we still ended up being a couple weeks behind schedule.  Now we are on to Lu’s “mermaid” themed room and according to my “goal”, I have seven days to complete it…  Sooooo, only a LITTLE behind, haha.

Even though it took longer than we hoped, I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I absolutely love how Jaxon’s room turned out and seeing his face light up every day when he goes into makes me feel so proud.

Originally we had started with a whole plan for a dinosaur theme, and when I say plan I mean that we had everything sketched out, ready to be ordered, and ready to be built… Then the night before we were ready to go Jaxon’s switched it up and said “SUPER HEROES!”.

Super heroes… I know nothing about super hero’s.  literally Nothing.  Up until a few nights ago I hadn’t even watched a super hero movie (I was totally missing out by the way).  I tried with everything to persuade him to go back to dinosaurs (even though I had been seeing his transition away from them for a long time) and there was no budging.

It’s scary, planning a room around a new love.  Will he change his mind?  Does he ACTUALLY all of the sudden love super heroes?  But we did it.  We created a brand new room completely centered around them.  In the end it was the best decision we could have made!  It is something he can grow into as he gets older and it ended up being SO much fun to do.

Our two biggest changes in the room were the cityscape mural housing 18 different super heroes and his new big boy bunk bed.  Eighteen heroes may sound like a lot.  I honestly had no idea there even WERE 18… but it turns out, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.  And his new bed mixed with the coolest Avenger and Justice League sheets sits perfectly against the wall letting him climb up to visit all the mini heroes up close.

Moving into this room was a bit of an upgrade.  It’s the second biggest room in the house and we figured since he was about to be surrounded by girls that he may want (read: need) the extra space.  So with that extra space we created a sort of “art section”, for Jaxon’s current all time favorite hobby.  Most of our additions are flea market finds that were fixed up, like the chairs at the table and the easel in this art portion of the room.  Other ways we refreshed was by taking pieces like the art table which was an old coffee table and refinished it in white!  It gives the whole room a new feel, but hardly any of it is actually new!

The only new items are the bed (which we got from Amazon here), his sheets (from Pottery Barn) and the beautiful shelf that Justin made special for Jaxon’s room.  He has vowed to make a special piece for each of the kids rooms and I am definitely taking advantage of his willingness!

Check out the pictures below to see all the angles, the nooks and crannies, and some of the super heroes close up!