Baby-Led Weaning: Week 8

We have finally reached the last week of trying new foods and only eating foods (for the most part) that he has already tried. We will continue to watch for allergies, but we are excited to make the move and finally share our food with him at the dinner table!

One (of many) great things that has come out of all of this is that I have trained myself to be in the habit of cutting fresh fruit and veggies every week for the fridge. It started with just preparing everything for him that week and eventually turned into making more and more because my husband and I were loving having a fresh snack at our fingertips. Like I said weeks ago, we are very healthy eaters, but this experience has opened our eyes to many things we eat that may not have been the best option for us. Now that we are constantly evaluating everything we feed Jax it has forced us to see that. I am sure once we are sharing food it will be worse!

This week Jax has been on a “feed me” kick.  For some reason around lunch time he has been getting very fussy in his seat and stretching all over trying to get out. We have been insistent on him sitting with us at least for the duration of our meal and then once we are finished I indulge him and let him sit on my lap while I help feed him. Dinner doesn’t have the same the issues for some reason and as the week has went on this little phase is beginning to pass with it. One phase we can’t seem to get passed is feeding the dogs! Haha! It began with him sharing his snacks while moving around in his walker, turned into him trying to feed everyone else, and now he is dropping food from his seat during meals to them. He thinks it is hilarious! The picture below is of him looking for the dogs getting ready to try and feed them!


THE MENU: strawberriesmeatballsapple sauce, and yellow squash


Strawberries: It wasn’t until the end of the week that he actually picked a piece of strawberry up and ate it. Like the kiwi, strawberry is very slippery and hard to pick up. If I put it on his tray first when his hands are a little more dry then he has a better chance of being able to pick it up. When he finally did try it he was definitely surprised by the taste. After the sour face and looking at me like “what did you just give me?!” he found that he really enjoyed it and he was ready for more, and more, and more.
Meatballs: We tried meatballs for the first time because we were out to eat and looking for something for Jax to have. After evaluating the menu we finally landed on meatballs, which was a good call by mom and dad because he loved them. Everyone in the restaurant was blown away with the amount of meatball this kid was eating. He couldn’t get enough! So when I got home I started looking for meatball recipes. So far mine are not as good as theirs but I’ll get there! I am also trying to find a healthier alternative.
Apple Sauce: Another food that we spoon feed the little guy, which especially this week, he was really into. He loved the applesauce. We had a chunky sauce that a friend of ours homemade, so this offered us a way of giving him apples without actually giving him sticks of apples. Uncooked apple is to hard for my comfort and I worry about it breaking off into little pieces he can’t mash up in his mouth. The applesauce was amazing though and just like yogurt he was reaching for the spoon the whole time to get more.
Yellow Squash: This is a lot like zucchini. Very soft on the inside with the skin holding it together. He developed a routine with squash though. He would suck on the insides until they were all gone and then he would put the circular skin that was holding it together into his mouth. He chewed on it for awhile and then spit it out with nothing remaining on it. The skin didn’t seem like it chewed easy but this problem solver figured out how to eat it anyways!


WEANING: This week I toyed with removing or prolonging feedings. I didn’t jump to breastfeed him at our normal times. Instead I watched him and looked for signs that he wanted or needed to nurse. For the most part he wanted to keep to our normal schedule. However, I did have a couple of feedings that he didn’t acknowledge and we skipped and went on to the next thing.

We are feeding at 8am (the morning feeding), 12pm (right before lunch), 4pm (about an hour before dinner), and then he has his formula at 8pm (right before bed). Can I just say I never thought I would ever be there! 4 feedings…. I dreamed of this months ago and it seemed so far away. It goes to show how fast everything happens!

The one that we were able to skip a couple of times was the 4 o’ clock feeding. I think because it was sandwiched between two meals it filled him up more and he cared less about needing breast milk. This also changed depending on how much he ate for lunch. Which as we talked about hasn’t been much most days. I think that the main reason that he wants to keep these feedings is because it is routine. The days that we are very busy and running errands or visiting family or friends are the days that he didn’t notice missing a feeding.

We are very close to removing the two middle feedings and next week my goal is to try and distract him from the idea of nursing. This way it isn’t about the routine.