The easiest skirt DIY

Every year (this is the second year in a row, so in my book that counts as “every”) I try to mass produce Lu a bunch of skirts and shorts.  They are so fast and easy, and also WAY cheaper and made to exactly what I want that I just can’t resist.  Once I get the itch, I normally spend a few days crouched over my sewing machine going down a creation spiral.  But!  Once on the other side I usually end up with about 10 to 15 skirts and shorts!  Worth it, for sure.

I love picking out the fabric, making pattern combinations, and ultimately having no limits like I would in the store.  Did I mention they are cheaper than in the store? Around 3 dollars a piece to be exact.  Ya.  Honestly though, with the price being a very close second, the most satisfying part of it all is the creating.  If I go too long without making something I start to get that itch I mentioned!  Which is normally what leads me to go a little crazy at the fabric store and lets the whole process begin…

It’s hard to get mad at me though when I’m making something we actually NEED, am I right?!

If you’re like me and get the same way, I’m attaching this super simple DIY for these pocketed skirts below.  This striped skirt in particular has by far got the most attention and love from friends, fam, and the gram.

What you’ll need: Thread to match your fabric, a fabric square or small swatch of fabric for the pockets, 1 in elastic band, and your fabric for the skirt – to figure out the size, you first need to take some measurements.

WIDTH: First measure around the waist.  The skirt will actually be twice as long as this measurement, but almost all fabric is folded in half so (assuming what you go to buy is folded in half) you can base your cut on this number.

LENGTH: Next measure from the waist down to where you want the length of the skirt to be, then add 2.25in.

ELASTIC BAND LENGTH: Measure around the waist and then subtract 2 inches from it.  That will be the length of your band.

Below is a bit of the fabric I got when I went a little crazy at the fabric store…  But I got enough skirt out of it to call it worth it!  Each color did a skirt and a set of pockets for another.


The first thing you will do is cut two rectangles, the width by the length (using your measurements from above).  Then cut two squares, 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches, out of your pocket square or swatch for the pockets.

I started by doing a zig zag stitch along all of the edges, you don’t have to, but it will help to keep your fabric from fraying.

Flip fabric so that both of the right sides are facing inward at each other, then sew along the two short sides.

Keeping the skirt with right sides facing in, fold the top of the fabric down 1.25 inches al the way around and pin it.  Then fold the bottom of the fabric up 1 inch all the way around and pin it.  Sew along the zig zag or rough edge of the fabric all around.

Make sure to leave a small opening (about an inch) along the top band so that you can put in the elastic when ready.

Once the top band and the bottom trim is finished being sewed, flip the skirt right side out and lay it evenly across a table.  Place it so one of the side seams is evenly spaced in the middle of the front and the other side seam is directly behind it.  This seam will be what you use to measure the placement of the pockets. Grab the fabric for the pockets and bring it out.

To make the pockets:

your pockets should be cut into 4.5in by 5.5in rectangles.  First decide how you want your pockets.  Square?  Rounded bottom?  The cut like the one below?  You can look at pictures of some different pockets below this tutorial to see what you like, I did different pockets on many of my skirts.

Once you’ve decided the shape, layer both squares and then fold them in half and cut the bottom and sides the way you would like.  This way once they are unfolded both pockets and both of the pocket’s sides and bottoms will be identical.

  1. If you like, zig zag along the outside of the pocket.
  2. using an iron, iron down a 3.4in fold along the top of the pocket and a half-inch fold along all the other sides.
  3. Sew along the zig zag or rough edge only along the top of the pocket.

Take both pockets and get ready to pin them to the skirt.

You will pin them down and sew them 1.5 inches from that middle seam and 2 inches from the stitching along the top of the band.  Sew along the remaining unsewed sides, leaving only the top open.  See below, the left side is stitched, the right side is pinned).

Get out your elastic.

Using a safety pin, pull the elastic through the opening, around the band, and pull it out the other end.  Make sure that the band never got twisted through this process.  I unfortunately have done that more times than I can count.  If it isn’t twisted, sew the edge together and then sew closed the opening in the skirt.

All done! So simple and so fast! I hope it was just as easy for you! 🙂

I also have a shorts version of this that I am super excited to put on the blog soon!

If you have any question, please let me know!

Check out square pockets and oval pockets below!