Kissing booth kids costume DIY

Jax has been all about “making dollars” lately by doing little odd and end chores around the house.  Something about using is own money to buy himself a little dino figurine the other day instilled such a huge amount of pride in him that I just don’t have the heart to say no!  That mixed with the fact that I am always begging for smooches gave me a bit of an idea.  So, I’m not going to pretend that this costume idea doesn’t benefit me at all…  But, really, it’s win-win isn’t it?

I like to think it is.

AND when it comes down to it I am really only putting the money in the jar that I would have spent on this costume that ended up being completely FREE to make.  Plus I’m getting kisses.  So maybe it’s even a win-win-win.  Something to think about…

‘How do you start?’,  you ask?!  Well, you grab the one thing that most people have an absolute abundance of, unused Amazon boxes!  Assuming it’s not the day after the recycling went out, you know you got em.  So grab one or two and get to work!

Cut off all the flaps of one side and three of the four flaps of the other.  The one remaining flap will serve as the future “table” to the kissing booth.

Using the removed flaps, cut out two long rectangles about 1 inch thick and 8 inches long.  Bend them identically on both sides so that they are shaped like an “S” like below.

Attach both the bent sides to the underneath of the one remaining flap and the box below it so that it stays propped up.

The box is ready to be painted!  I used a can of spray paint I had lying around, but it could be hand painted as well.

While painting the box, pull out one whole removed flap (or two if your making dual booths like me) and paint it white.  Once it’s dried paint the words “Kisses $1” or whatever else you may want it to say!  Hot glue it right onto the box.

To make the strap I grabbed some leftover fabric and cut strips that were 4 inches wide and  20 inches long (but I ended up trimming them later to fit the kids better).

Folding the fabric long wise, hot glue the first side down.  Then hot glue the opposite side down right on top of it giving the under side a very finished look without trying too hard.

Glue the straps to the inside of both sides of the box.

Find a small tupperware or glass jar ( I used a mini mason jar) and glue it to the booth’s table.

Add some money or coins!

Now all that’s left is to steal all the kisses!!