Baby bootie pattern.

It’s the last day of our break! Well, it’s the last day we have daddy home with us at least. He goes back to work tomorrow and we have to go back to real life. At least until the end of the month. Then we get him home with us for another week straight, along with a new little baby girl.

I am not sure where the time went. I can’t believe that at the end of the month our little bundle will be here with us. I am mostly blaming the holidays. They have kept me pretty busy these last couple of months and now that they are over I feel like I am slightly (majorly) overwhelmed with just how much I still need to do. Pair that with only having a couple of hours of real productivity before getting exhausted and you have one stressed out momma. The one thing saving me is knitting on my down time. I can still feel accomplished and like I am doing something while I sit propped up lazily on the couch. And I have actually been getting a lot done! These last few days have been all about the baby booties. I am just pushing out pair after pair for the little girl.

I can not possibly be the only one who has noticed that newborn socks are awful. All of them. None stay on what so ever. So this time around I have taken an old family knitting pattern for adult slippers and worked it to be itty bitty little newborn slippers in hopes that I have found a magical solution to this bare foot baby problem. Time will only tell if they do the trick, but even if they don’t, they are still WAY cuter than regular socks 🙂 AND they are probably the quickest thing I have ever knitted.


Using size two needles and a regular to light weight yarn cast on 40 stitches

Row 1-8 : knit (4 ridges)

Row 9 : knit 17 stitches, k2tog through the back, p1 and place a marker, p1, k2tog through the back, knit the rest of the row

Continue to decrease like this until you have 11 stitches on each side of the marker

There are two ways to finish your slipper, with or without the fold over

To have the fold over – knit 5 rows in a ribbed stitch (k2, p2) and bind of LOOSELY

No fold over – knit 1 row in a ribbed stitch (k2, p2) and bind off LOOSELY

Here is what the slipper will look like with the fold over before sewing it together

Fold the slipper in half, sew it together, and weave in your loose ends.

Fold over and enjoy the cuteness!