Baby-Led Weaning: Snacks

This week we recycled a lot of the same foods that we have been giving Jax. He definitely has his favorites and so we spent the week repeating some of them, along with offering him some of the food that was on our plates.

What we did do new this week is go SNACK SHOPPING! We wanted some treats for in-between meals and on the go, and we found some great ones.

Puffs cereal snack Gerber Graduates – crawler


These are little, lightweight, crunchy snacks that melt in your mouth. They come in a ton of flavors, and we have yet to find one that we don’t like! They are wonderful because they dissolve so easily. They are also pretty easy to pick up. If your babies’ hands are a little wet, which tends to happen when self feeding, they will easily stick to them (and everything else, I find Puffs everywhere…). I credit puffs for my son starting to learn and use the pincher grasp a little early. It even says on the container that it can help with learning to pick up.

Every morning when we spend time in our walker I put some puffs on the tray for him to munch on while he trots around. He has gotten so good at grabbing one when he wants it then zooming around and grabbing another when the first is finished. I think these were probably the best starting snacks. There is no mess, especially if you have dogs to get the ones that are thrown on the floor, and they dissolve so quickly in your little ones mouth.

Yogurt Drops Gerber Graduates – crawler


These are freeze dried yogurt and fruit drops. They are about the same size of the Puffs but are slightly more dense. They are by far Jaxon’s favorite. He LOVES yogurt so these are right up his alley. They are so good in fact that I was coming from changing Jaxon’s diaper when I found a friend of mine just munching away on them. I started laughing and had her read the bag. Even after seeing they were for babies she still continued to eat the majority of the bag. I had to try one out of curiosity and they really are that good. Like the Puffs they dissolve easily inside your mouth and are also easy to pick up. However, If these get too wet they get sticky and can make a little mess.

Goldfish Crackers 2015-10-10 11.47.09

Feeding himself has made this mini man very independent. The other day we were enjoying a snack while relaxing after a long day of me cleaning and him crawling. I was trying to feed him the little fishes and he just decided that he did not need mommy. He put his hand right in there, grabbed his fish, and fed himself. I know I always say how amazed I am, but yet again, I am amazed. Whether it is watching him grow into himself, or seeing how great he has become with his hands, I just can’t believe how far we have come. He actually WANTS to feed himself, and WANTS to eat (for the time being at least haha).

Baby Mum-Mum Hot-Kid


I call these crispers, I have no reason to do so, but you know how with kids you just end up with weird names for things? Well, these are crispers. Right now we have the vegetable flavored ones and they aren’t going over nearly as well as the last flavor we had, apple cinnamon, but there are a ton of flavors to try. On top of all those flavors Mum-Mum’s are also free of all allergens, making them the perfect first snack. They come individually packaged with two crispers in each so you can grab and go. I have at least two packs of these in my diaper bag right now. They are great for on the move. The biggest selling points to me are that they are easy to hold, and like the puffs, don’t make much of a mess. We went to a craft show over the weekend and when Jax started to get a bit fussy these kept him occupied for quite awhile.

Cereal Bars Gerber Graduates – toddler


We started these a bit early according to the box. However, Jax met most of the qualifications listed. The only one he hasn’t done yet is stand alone, but he couch surfs, so I am counting it and keeping a close eye on him while he eats.

These look like a regular snack my husband and I grab out of the pantry. They smell great, and must taste the same, because Jax loves them. They are very soft with a gooey fruit middle and look as though they need to be chewed. We aren’t chewing yet but had no problem eating them by sucking and gumming. I did learn my lesson about the mess they can make after giving him one to eat in his Joovy. Crumbs and pieces were EVERYWHERE. So for the future we will eat these at the table or outside. I think if he was a bit older or if we had broken it up and fed him ourselves it would have been less of a mess. We are all about self feeding in this house though, and we, ummm, embrace the mess? haha

Lil’ Biscuits Gerber Graduates – toddler


Ever since I told my mom we were starting solids she has talked about a “biscotti” looking thing that she would give us as babies. I finally found something close to what she was talking about and decided to give them a try. Like the cereal bars, these are for what they consider a toddler, 12 months and up. There are specifications that they want you to meet which include, eating a variety of textures and standing alone. Jax is great with food so I like to experiment with these while keeping a close eye. We don’t eat these or the cereal bars a lot because some of the boxes say that they make the nutrients different for crawling and walking stages. I doubt that it is that much of a difference, but I personally don’t know.

These biscuits are a hard cookie that can tend to be a little crumby when a little one is nibbling and sucking away at them. They are the perfect stick shape that we have been cutting all of our food into from the beginning, so he has no problem grabbing and holding on to them. What is really nice is the textured waves that are cut into the sides. These really help him get a good grip and also make it easier to find a place to bite into. No matter what he is doing he keeps a good handle on them and they never get dropped. When he eats them now they tend to be messy because he sucks on them and spits them out, but as he gets older and can bite more easily and chew you can tell these won’t be messy at all. Like all of the other snacks, these are offered in a variety of flavors, so there are plenty to try. Apple has been our personal favorite around the board! Compared to the rest of the snacks listed I would try these last, they are hard and not chewy at all so they are the most difficult to eat.