My “more than a maternity” coat.

This winter has definitely felt like one that will never end.  The reason I feel this way may be because this winter hosted the end of my pregnancy and so much has been going on that it just feels like enough snowy days have passed and warm ones should be here now.  Or it could be the thought that spring could come (and stay) any day now.  Whatever it is, as I look back at the this long winter and many of the photos we have taken, there is one interesting constant I keep seeing, my maternity coat.

Throughout my first pregnancy, and most of my second, I held firm to the motto of “I am not spending money on maternity clothes”!  Honestly, I find it hard to spend money on something that I know I will only wear for a short period of time and then throw in the back of my closet and forget about until I happen to become pregnant again.  Even then, chances are at that time most of the clothes tossed back there will be out of season or won’t fit the same way they did years ago.  There is the argument that you can “still wear your maternity clothes after the baby is born”, but let’s be truthful, how many of us are going to do this for more than a couple of weeks?  I would probably save a LOT of money if I felt this strongly about my kids clothes.  I am pretty sure they have a shorter closet life span than even my maternity clothes, but unfortunately for my bank account, I don’t.  The two are just not created equal in my eyes.

This winter I got an opportunity to collaborate with a great brand called Kimi and Kai Maternity and I was able try out a maternity coat for the first time.  It couldn’t have come at a better time or during a better winter.  I’ve been wearing their Abella style and this coat has been a real luxury for me, because like I said, it is something that I would have never bought for myself.  That was before I knew how important they really are.  I didn’t realize before having one that a maternity coat isn’t just for pregnant women.  In fact, I have gotten much more use out of this coat post pregnancy.  I can’t figure out what Jax and I did the previous couple winters to keep ourselves warm!

The best thing about a coat made to fit a big belly, is that it will also fit a smaller belly with a baby strapped against it.  I wear my little ones ALL the time, even my son who is two years old.  When I am wearing the kids in the cold, I usually just throw a blanket around the two of us to stay warm, or for short trips, I wrap my arms tightly around them and rush quickly inside. I never thought about the fact that a maternity coat would be the perfect article of clothing to hold me and my little ones at the same time and look good while doing it.  Kimi and Kai’s Abella coat easily buttons up around the two of us, keeping both of us comfortably warm and toasty snug .  No more worries about my babies being cold!  Another good thing is I have both of my hands free to do the many other things I need to do, especially now that there are two of them!  (Three counting hubby)

Our family is really big on being on the go and we never let much get in the way of that, not even the cold weather.  This coat is the perfect match for our lifestyle.  It keeps me and the little ones warm and looks great and even if I’m not carrying the kids, the coat still looks great on just me!  The sherpa interior is so warm that I don’t have to rush from one place to the other for fear of freezing up.  One of the best things about this coat is that it doesn’t look like a maternity coat.  Most maternity coats are sewn to stretch at the sides or have extra fabric in the middle to accommodate a big belly. This coat fits like a maternity coat without looking like one.

When it comes to maternity coats, I have definitely learned my lesson. Now I can’t imagine living without my “maternity” coat or what I like to think of as my “more than a maternity” coat.  Whether you’re pregnant, baby wearing, toddler wearing, or just cold and in need of a coat, this coat works, and looks good, regardless.

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