Our beach vacation in Destin

Double naps during the day, soaking in the baby kicks, and chapters on chapters of my book finished.  I can officially say vacation was a total success!  And not just for me, everyone got to indulge in their favorite things.  Jax was in love with running through the waves (usually right before we sat down for dinner, haha) and exploring new wild life.  Which we did a LOT of!  We found snails and clams, crabs and turtles, dolphins and…. even SHARKS!  Oh, and pelicans! My personal favorites.  Lu wanted to spend every waking moment in the pool, which Justin gladly obliged, because that was pretty much all he wanted to do too.

We had only two goals this trip.  The first, I wanted a kid to fall asleep on me at least once a day while we snuggled.  The second, the kids wanted to have ice cream or milk shake EVERY day.

Well, I am proud to say, we achieved both goals!  Who says goals have to be big anyway?  This was pretty much all we needed.

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