Flower headband DIY.

It has been one week since getting home from vacay and I STILL can’t get myself to finish unpacking.  It feels like with summer nearly in full force there is always something going on, even when there isn’t.  The times I catch myself finally relaxing on the couch, preparing my popcorn and nacho cheese (yes, I’m still indulging in that pregnancy craving…) and getting ready to watch a show, I’ll think to myself, “maybe I should turn on the computer?” or “I should seriously use this free time to be productive”.  Then I realize I don’t actually have the energy to be productive or to do anything really except just sit there and eventually crawl my way up the stairs to bed.  I am, however, making mini promises to myself daily that I am going to finally get into a routine and get on top of things!  So far, no luck, but I am thinking that one of these days I am going to come through on my promise.

Even though it’s only been a week, I am missing the beach like crazy.  Our little family definitely needed that together time.  Having Justin with us for ten days straight was nothing short of perfection.  We had long breakfasts together, walked the beach at dusk and dawn and spent lazy days lounging in the sand.  We took TONS of family pictures and laid down for bed together as a family every night.  It couldn’t have been better.  In fact, I am already day dreaming about our next trip together.  Even though this was our long trip for the year, we have planned a lot of mini trips all throughout the summer.  I’m pretty sure we might have a small addiction to weekend traveling.  It’s always win-win.  No time off work, and an adventure for everyone.  I love leaving the state, and even the country, but in the end, there is always something new to experience right around the corner as well.  Vacation is really just about getting to spend the little moments together anyway.  No matter where we are.

If you followed along with our vacation and saw some of the photos from it, you would have seen the picture of Lu and I on the beach in our flower headbands.  We are missing a little Mr. Someone due to and EXTRA lazy beach day and us not wanting to wake up the snoozin’ bed head, but I did get lucky enough to snap a pic at home with that said someone.  I really had no intent on even making three headbands, but with all the extra material I just had to soak up the opportunity, and I think it made the perfect set.  If only I had been able to scavenge a little more leftovers for Justin, I think he was just a little left out of our flower power trio pictures.

Now, I know I say this about pretty much everything, but these are SO simple.  I made them while walking around the house with Lu in the Solly wrap and Jax playing with dinos in the background.  It took next to no time and was fairly inexpensive depending on the flowers picked out.  So if you like em, give it a try!

Supplies you needFlowers (I first picked out the main flower that I wanted to build the headband around, this was the biggest flower.  Then I picked out some secondary flowers that were just a bit smaller to place around the main flower.  I choose two types of accent flowers to scatter throughout the headband and lastly picked out a bundle of long greens that I could use to frame the whole thing), 8 ft of ribbon, felt, scissors and a hot glue gun.

Once you have gathered all of the flowers, remove them from the stems and separate them from each other.

Starting with your main flower, begin to get an idea of where the other flowers should be placed around it.  Once settled, hot glue the flowers together by their plastic mini stems.  Work from the main flower out, thinning the flowers out and adding more greenery towards the ends.

As I was glueing, I repeatedly put the headband up to mine and the kids heads to make sure that I was sizing it the way I wanted.

After the flowers are finished and all glued together lay the headband out flat. Grab a sheet of felt and cut out a liner for the inside of the band.

Measure 4ft of the ribbon (or less depending on how much length you want on the back) and cut.  Find the middle of the ribbon and place it in the center of your measured and cut out felt.  Glue it down all the way across the ribbon.

After the glue has dried, flip the felt so the ribbon side is facing the back of the flower headband and glue it to the inside.  After the glue is completely dry you can cut down any felt that is visible while wearing it.

Glue the ends of the ribbons to stop any fraying!

I took my left over greenery and started glueing it together, end to end, until it was long enough to fit around my son’s head.  This was just a little bonus I got from over buying materials!

All that’s left is to wear it!

Once they were right were I wanted them I flipped it over to see the back and measured how much felt I would need.  You can start big with the felt and eventually cut it down so that it isn’t visible once the glue dries.  But before glueing