Luella’s first birthday

I’ll spare you the feelings that have consumed me and those unfortunate enough to be around me when I had a break down this past week as Lu turned one.  No more measuring in weeks or months, it’s officially YEARS.  And I wouldn’t say I am “struggling” but I may or may not have rubbed the belly of a pregnant mannequin in target as I told my friend I didn’t want any more kids right at the moment.  Normal things to do at a time like this, right?

Aside from being completely exhausted this past month planning Justin’s 30th, Lu’s first, taking on a couple big jobs and finishing up everything still going on from the holidays, I would say her big day went off without a hitch.

With my mind being half fried from everything previously stated I knew what I wanted to convey or her birthday, but didn’t really have the mental energy to process what that would entail.  I talked to The Whimsical Woolies because I KNEW I wanted her beautiful garland, and she agreed to put something together for me.  I basically waited until those little balls of salvation came to my doorstep to start any real planning.  I built my color scheme and decor right around them.  It gave me a solid place to start, which I desperately needed.  So I suppose if you like my birthday decor, you have them to thank.

I know I am desperately thanking them…

I promised myself I would keep it simple this time and focus all my energy on the people who came to visit.  Easier said then done, of course.  But, I think I gave it a good shot.

My tips to simplicity?  I kept the decor to only one room, and mainly to the dessert table within that main room.  We asked each of our mothers to bring a soup, so we had three total with mine.  Justin went to pick up random pastries from the places we love and I cut them up in to smaller pieces for display.  And lastly, we spent the night before making sandwiches and wrapping parchment paper around them with yarn.  They looked they were ordered in, but in reality I saved a ton of money.  Oh! and that other garland having by those beautiful woolies?  That is just more yarn, in a serious of regular knots, just tied together to look way cooler than it is!