Toddler comforter DIY.

Jax'sComforter20I had to be real with myself this week. It was time for Jax to get into some big boy bedding. Or at least some “bigger” boy bedding. Slowly he went from just laying on a sheet and having nothing in his crib to collecting little stuffies in the crib corners and using a throw blanket as a comforter. So I went online and looked at all the dreamy toddler comforters that were out there and of course fell in love. The trendiest of the trendy, the ones that definitely seemed reasonable until of course you look at the price tag. I will admit I probably could have swung it if needed. But seriously?! We are moving soon, and there are so many other things we need/(want) for the new house. And the reality of the situation was, this isn’t something difficult to sew. It’s actually super easy. Not to mention, even if you have a mess up or two, the blanket is for a toddler. Someone who probably won’t complain about it too much. Best part? I made mine for 22 dollars.

This comforter took me the length of about two Jaxon naps (approx. 3 hours)

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