Lollipop baby monitor

Last week we decided it was time to get Lu into her own bed… in her own room.  Like, AWAY from me.  Jax was already in his bed by this time, but Lu who is still nursing has been sleeping in the pack in play in our room.  I know it’s time, I do, but that doesn’t make the transition any easier.  What has made it easier is that she is actually sleeping like a dream in her crib.  Her blankets, pillows, dollys and herself all together in one comfy place.  She’s absolutely in love with it.  So much so that she finally slept through the night last night for the FIRST time.  I am not going to pretend like I am not at fault for the long delay, but I am pretty thrilled the time is finally here.

I actually woke up early and had my coffee this morning without the kids!  But, that is a story and a celebration for another day.

Same day we decided to make this change, I kid you not, Lollipop baby monitors reached out to us for a partnership.  I was a little skeptical at first.  We already have a monitor so I didn’t really feel the need, but Justin really wanted to try it out and I am SO glad we did.  Not only has it helped ME with the transition of moving her but it is so much more advanced than any of the ones we have used in the past.  Plus, this one is over the wifi (something that scared me at first) so Justin can see Lu at work when he wants to peek at his baby girl.  There is also less of a lag if we are in our basement for game nights or outside on the patio in the summer time.

The whole wifi thing was a large reason I almost said no.  I hate thinking that just anyone could log in to watch.  It took Justin (who works in IT) a long time to convince me that it would be extremely difficult for anyone to hack into our baby cam.  That’s not to say it’s impossible, but, extremely difficult.  All in all, the chances are very slim.  So I brushed aside the more crazy worst case scenario version of myself and tried it out.

Right after taking it out of its beautiful packaging you can immediately tell that there are so many ways to hang it (I have pictures below of the ways we have used it).  Its movable lollipop shape makes it perfect for pretty much anywhere. The bottom or “stick” part can be twisted and turned to sit up on a table or easily be wrapped around the bars of a crib.  If you don’t have a table or the bars of your crib are too thick for it to hold on to it also comes with this super cute and minimalistic white tree branch looking hook to hang on the wall.  Then the monitor can snake around the hook to hold on or get a better view of the crib from above.

The camera’s picture is stunning during the day in color and even at night in the night vision.  There is no lag or static, which is huge for me because I am that crazy mom that wants to see my kids bellies moving up and down, and up and down at 4 o’ clock in the morning when I randomly wake up… So the fact that I don’t have to walk into her room and actually place my hand on her belly just to satisfy that need, ultimately waking her up, is pretty huge to me.  It also zooms in nice and close to see that said belly, yes I have tried, a lot.

When she does actually wake up and start making noise an alert pops up on both of our phones.  The alert is sent when the noise in the room hits the amount of noise ( measured in dB’s) you set from the app.  From small whispers to loud crying, you ultimately decide what you want to be notified of.  Once you are notified and the noise hits what you’ve set it starts to record a thirty-second clip that saves in to the app.  When I woke up this morning I noticed that I had a notification that I didn’t wake up to.  It wasn’t loud cries, but a few whimpers.  I got to watch the thirty-second clip and get a chance to see her soothe herself back to sleep.

The parts of its visual scan that alert you to movement can also be changed.  Meaning that if you don’t want the path you take when walking from the doorway to the crib to alert you of movement then you can change it to show you movement within the space inside the crib only.  Which is beyond amazing if you are like us and have very nosey animals who like to check in on the kiddos all hours of the night as well.

This monitor has been a dream, literally… I actually slept last night, guys.  Pretty huge for me.  It has only been… years?  I dunno, who’s counting.  So I’ll just be over here listening to the “I told you so’s” from Justin and being thankful we finally got over the moving-her-into-her-own-crib hump.

If your shopping around, I must say, this monitor comes in at 150 dollars which could be high to some or low to others.  I have personally used monitors anywhere from 200 down to 50 and while I have loved them all for different reasons, I have never been so happy with a monitor as a whole as I am with this one.

To see more you can go here to view it on Amazon!